Thursday, February 9, 2017

Break time this and that

My remote connection to work just got disconnected. I can't even log into my webmail, so everything must be down there at the office. So, I'll use my extra time to blog!

I just checked my credit score - got a nice increase of 13 points to 727. My 401k has a nice rate of return of 3.61% year to date so far. My employer matching and profit sharing for 2016 will get added soon. Now if we could just get Obamacare adjusted a bit to something more reasonable, I'll be really happy.

Free 2-day shipping just does not apply in this neck of the woods. Walmart has a new 2-day shipping with $35 purchase option. I gave that a try. As soon as I got my shipping address entered the shipping options change to free 8-day shipping (same thing with Amazon). The Amazon one makes me mad because I am paying for Amazon Prime and don't get the benefit of what I am paying for. If I wasn't sharing the account with DD, I'd just cancel it. I did just get my Walmart order and it did come a couple days earlier than expected. It was about 5-6 day shipping. I was able to stock up on some dry good groceries at the same price I pay in-store so that was handy. I'll probably use it again. Thankful for tracking on orders, so I can see when stuff arrives at the post office. They split this order into 2 shipments and one got there Tuesday and one yesterday, so I knew to just wait until both had arrived and make one trip to the post office.

I did a Swagbucks search today and got 100 swagbucks! I've never gotten one like that before and I've been using it for years. Guess what I searched? One Family One Income! LOL.

Whenever I log into Blogger I get a message on my main page saying I now qualify for AdSense and could possibly make up to $17.41 a month. Does anyone use this on their blog? Is it worth it? I really don't know anything about it.

Ok, remote issue fixed - back to work!


  1. That was an awesome Swagbuck search and win! Ah, the little things in life! :) I've had AdSense ads on my blog almost since the beginning. I'm guessing it might be because I had other self hosted blogs with AdSense. Not sure. Right now the pennies are just trickling in, but that is also because my new blog is, well, new! Ads or no ads, my primary reason for blogging remains the same. To help keep myself accountable and share my journey with others. I say go ahead and add them to your blog!

    1. I didn't even notice the ads on your blog! (is that good or bad? LOL). I might try it and see what happens. Like you, I just blog for me, the reason won't change.

    2. That's actually a good thing! I dislike blogs and pages that are plastered with annoying ads. You can also control what types of ads you permit.