Monday, February 27, 2017

Just fix it!

I'm still trying to resolve getting my property taxes that were due last November paid out of escrow by my mortgage company. The original person I talked with had said to give them 10 days. Well, it's been almost 2 weeks and every time I log into my account, it has not been paid. So, I had to call again this morning. The lady looked it up and does show a "case" pending. They have contacted their "3rd party" (whatever that means, she said Corelogic) about it and apparently are trying to resolve who should pay the penalties and interest. I told her that if it doesn't get paid by the 10th of March, then there is going to be additional penalties and interest. So frustrating. I'm sure I'll have to call additional times to make sure this gets resolved. I made myself call first thing this morning - get it out of the way and not have to think about it all day.

Yesterday was pretty much a lazy day. DH watched Nascrash, while I read my book club book. I think there was like 4 hours of pre-race stuff on, that was longer than the race.  The book is getting better as it goes along. I'm probably 3/4 of the way through it, so should have it done in the next couple of days.  Neither of us were really hungry for dinner, so we ended up having cereal. Then we watched a movie. John Wick. Eh.

I called my mom just after dinner. I was going to call Saturday, then Sunday morning.....but well, you know how that goes....

I never watch the Oscars, but sounds like they were interesting, LOL.

Our neighbors had a very flat tire on one of their vehicles yesterday. The wife drove to work (literally one block away) with it like that, apparently.

Our neighbors across the street (there's a vacant block between us) are going to Hawaii this week. Wife is tired of the snow :) They picked a good week, because it's supposed to snow some all week.

I'm not really ready for this week for some reason. I think I need to take 2-3 days of my vacation time soon. I have 183 hours available right now.


  1. Don't you just hate when companies don't do their job? Involving someone's home, I think it makes it even more important! We finally got our new mortgage payment to reflect the lower amount that we actually owe. I will indeed be sending them $210 less per month.

    1. yes, your mortgage issue sounds much more annoying than mine has been. Glad you finally got it worked out!

    2. Not so sure! I'd be beyond annoyed if my mortgage company did what yours is doing! All the more reason to pay our homes off...although it will be a long time before that least for me, anyhow.