Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday stuff

I used $180 of the unexpected money to purchase some drapes and blinds. The guest bedroom blinds broke (they are just cheap vinyl white ones). The office room has same vinyl ones and they really should have had a brace in the middle. They sag on top and I'm sure if we pull these up and down they will break too eventually. Plus the office room has a weird sized (54"w x 21 1/2" H) horizontal window up high on one side with no window treatment. I'd love to just leave it as no treatment, but the afternoon sun totally blinds my computer screen and I can't see to work.

I ordered some cream colored drapes from Walmart with a bronze rod. For the big office window I bought the same Bali wood blinds that are in the rest of the house. For the up high horizontal windows I ordered a cellular shade in a tan-ish color. I was going to order the same wood blinds, but the cellular shade was cheaper and I thought it might look nice to have the different type/texture/color, instead of two dark wood blinds in one small office/bedroom. The blinds were 20% off at Home and sounds like a few weeks before they will arrive.

Since my back was still bothering me yesterday (it's getting a little better each day) and I didn't vacuum, I spent the time cleaning up my messy desk. I don't know why I can have a totally clean, uncluttered house, but my desk is always a mess. I try to have as minimal papers come across it as possible (I do electronic billing, etc) but there is still always lots of papers. I'm a "piler" I know what's in my piles. I had a big pile of new house/old house papers, receipts, etc. Our new house came with a binder that the inspection was in and I've been using the binder to put everything in related to the house. The sale of old house came with a paper folder, so all that's there (like the receipt I just got with the insurance refund check). Plus a bunch of other misc papers piled on them. Threw a bunch out and put the binders in a drawer. I moved my cute wicker vertical file (found at Goodwill prior to move) over onto my desk (it was up on a dresser in the room). Let's see how long I can keep all the papers off that part of the desk!

As I finished reading the book club book (All The Light We Cannot See) one of my e-books on reserve with my (old) library became available. It's "Killing the Rising Sun". Interesting that they are both about WWII and kind of a weird shift to go from a fiction book set during the war to a non-fiction historical book on the war.  Basically, what I get out of them is that men in general are a pretty brutal bunch. I get war and what is necessary, but not the torture, rape, etc of innocent people. I also didn't realize how many millions died in WWII around the world. 3% off the worlds population.  You always hear about the 6-7 million Jews killed, but 24 million Russians died. Just unbelievable.

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