Wednesday, February 22, 2017

HOT Amazon discount code and other Wednesday happenings

Today Amazon is having a discount coupon code! First time I have ever heard of one being offered. In honor of their #1 Corporate Ranking in a Harris Poll, for today only, they are offering $8.62 off a $50 order with code BIGTHANKS.  Certain conditions apply.  Guess I'll get an order in for some of the regular stuff I order through them and take advantage of the savings.

Tomorrow evening is my first ladies book club meeting. 6pm. Potluck, bring whatever you feel like. Hmm...I think for this first time I'll just bring some dessert. I have a brownie mix or might (this evening) make some peanut butter cookies. I'm sure this first meeting will end up being a bunch of questions about me, LOL. who I am and what the heck I am doing here in this little town HA! I will have to pay close attention to names, if here are very many there. I hear a name when introduced and instantly forget it, so I have to really make sure I pay attention when meeting new people. Thankfully it has warmed up here quite a bit and the roads are good now, as I have to drive about 10 miles outside of town on a windy 2 lane road. I could jump on the freeway and take the next exit, but then I have to go across this really old narrow bridge, LOL.

Over the weekend DH made the blanket ladders for DD and myself. Exactly what I was looking for. He enjoyed (for the most part, he got a little crabby because his OCD personality won't let him take his time and spread it out over more than one day) making them and is pretty proud of himself :) He even rounded the corners on the top and angled the cut on the bottom.

Still letting it dry completely before bringing back in house and adding blankets. I need one more throw blanket, so I will probably look at Ross or Walmart next time I'm in the city.

This morning I finished my last bank statement reconciliation for work - this one went like a piece of cake, so the morning is off to a good start. I am hoping my boss approves my suggestion to change from our banking online bill pay to using our accounting software's online bill pay. It will cost about $50 a month but would save me 2-3 hours a month, which more than makes up for the $50 and that time can be spent on more cost productive income generating projects. It as a suggestion I made in my self review I submitted and still waiting to hear back on my annual review. I'm sure she'll ok it.

DH got busy this morning re-watching a movie (that he's already watched a dozen times the past couple of years), so he'll be nice and quiet for the next couple of hours :)


  1. Wow, the blanket ladder is gorgeous! Tell hubby thumbs up! He should sell them!

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