Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday ramblings

It's been a pretty slow week around here, not much going on at all.  It's kind of the calm before the storm at work.  We are winding down representing the one big manufacturer and getting ready to soon start representing the new manufacturer - and then I'm sure work life will go into crazy mode for a couple of months while we learn a new system, etc.

Ds worked 3 hours on Monday, but got almost a full 8 hours yesterday and took off again at 6:30 this morning to start at 7am.  It will be interesting to see what pans out as far as his hours and workload.  He and another guy were hired at the same time.  Ds was given the "south end" area and the other guy the "north end" area.  We live in the South End.  The other guy lives right in the middle but apparently wanted or thought he was getting the south area.  I guess he was going to quit as he didn't want to drive the 24 miles each way (at the most) to work his area.  So, for today they tell Ds that this other guy is going to work with him.  Which I'm sure, if this continues would cut Ds's hours.  There is no way Ds will do the north end for $12 bucks an hour and a 45 mile drive each way (in awful traffic).  Even with the south end area he potentially has a 24 mile commute if he has to go to the farthest office in his area.  Guess we'll have to see how it works out.  Otherwise he is really liking the work and looking forward to getting his first paycheck a week from this Friday.

Dh is frustrating me with his medications and diet.  Seems to be having more muscle pain (probably due to the cholesterol meds) and asked me to send a message to his doctor about it, but then of course he doesn't want to follow the doctor's advice!  He does this constantly and is just wasting the doctor's time (and my time!)  He's still eating quite a bit calorie wise, just really trying to cut down on things that have a lot of cholesterol...but he is ALWAYS starving and driving us all crazy.  And I'm tired of having to feel like I'm his mother.

I had a no spend day yesterday, so that was good.  Just trying to hang on to the rest of my money as hard as possible!  I did check my bank account online this morning and got the refund from the appliance store posted, so was happy about that.  I have a few more things to buy for Dd's birthday party this weekend, along with a couple more small gifts (some roses and another small gift yet to be determined). I already got her a nice tennis bag and a necklace and the party she is having is part of her "birthday present" budget, since we don't usually do parties. But hey, Sweet 16 - gotta splurge a little :-)


  1. That would frustrate me to no end as well with hubby... Does he eat a lot of carbs? What about upping his protein to fill him up a bit more, and cut back on the carbs.

    Glad you got your refund back! That's a nice little bonus! :)

  2. Ugh, gotta hate when they start tampering with hours. I mean, if it was agreed Dh was working southend and the other guy northend, they should stick with that. If the other person doesnt like it, they can quit and be replaced. Cutting hours of the other party will just result in two very unhappy people... hope they fix that soon. Also, have you tried sending Dh with lunch, or keep healthy alternatives for food stored at the house? He cant eat unhealthy if he has a lot of healthy things surrounding him.

  3. Yes, they gave me $50 back on the refund! I'm not very savvy yet on nutrition, so not sure if what he eats is considered a lot of carbs or not. He's been having either Cheerio's or a couple of pieces of toast for breakfast and a Mountain Dew (his coffee). Lunch is a sandwich with lunch meat and slice of cheese (whole wheat bread and low fat mayo) and some potato chips and ice tea. He will snack between then and dinner - usually peanuts or sunflower seeds (or the m&m's I bought during Halloween!). Dinner is whatever I make (I try to keep low cholesterol)but most of the time he is whining for a double cheeseburger - that he feels he was good all day, so he should get to eat it, along with fries. Yuck! I got him down to one cheeseburger the first week, then he went to 2 times per I'm fighting him to not have more. Then the rest of the evening (no matter what he eats) he is starving. Dd will fix him celery and peanut butter or popcorn. He's just dying for the fast food, though. Seems the problem with all the protein items is they are high in calories and he wants to loose a few pounds to help with his high cholesterol. He can't exercise due to his muscle problem.

  4. Tanner - I'm trying to bring more healthy things into the house! It does help that Dd is tough with him on his diet ;-). He can't work due to his neurological muscle condition, so he is home all day...and just wants to eat and I am not home all day 3 days a week. He seems to have justified to himself that if he doesn't eat anything with cholesterol in it all day, then he can have his double cheeseburger and fries for dinner. I'm trying make better dinners, but he is so picky. Right now I'm trying to use low fat/low cholesterol substitutes for my ingredients, like low fat mayo and cheese, no sugar jello, etc. I'm slowly learning and finding new things to use. We've just never had to diet before.

  5. and Tanner, I totally agree you about my son's work situation! I'm sure there were lots of other applicants that they could easily and quickly find someone to replace him for that north area. It doesn't seem fair to my son, when he was promised 25-30 hours a week, and like my son said - he wouldn't have even applied for the job if it was for the north end.

  6. I hope that other guy doesn't end up making him lose hours. That would stink.