Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday coupon/deal shopping

My Sunday coupon/deal shopping didn't start out too well.  I stopped at Walmart to pick up the Sunday paper and it is now $2 instead of $1.  I only bought one, instead of my usual 2 and then later find out that it only had the Red Plum insert and no Smart Source (which had a $1 off coupon I wanted). GRRRR!  So, I really don't think $2 each paper a week is worth it anymore.  I think I might have to look more into buying coupons online. I've done it a few times, but $2 for a newspaper each week, for many coupons I don't need or use seems to defeat the purpose.  I'll still get my mom's coupons from her paper and I guess just purchase the specific coupons I want online, when I come across a deal I want to take advantage of.  I could probably still get the paper for a $1 at the Dollar Tree, but it's about a 6 mile drive - usually in crappy traffic - so kind of dumb to spend $1.60 in gas to save a dollar on a newspaper and use up a half hour of my day.

I was surprised to find the things I wanted at RiteAid still on the shelf!  I got 2 tubes of Colgate toothpaste (the larger size) and some Stayfree pads for $9.83 (including tax) and I got back $9 in UP Rewards.  I was really happy to get the Colgate deal - free after UP Reward, plus I had (2) .50 off coupons.  I had just taken out the last tube out of my "stash" drawer.  They are also having a deal on free Keri Lotion, so I think I will use some of my UP rewards towards that and then get back $6 more in UP Rewards....gotta try to keep the rewards rolling into more rewards.  That's my goal.


  1. I really like reading coupon deals and so on. I've (usually... rarely) tried to use coupons and I'm trying to start that up. Although I dont have a RiteAid close by, I do have Walgreens, and I know they have similar deals... I still am looking forward to getting toothpaste for free, at least once!

  2. Tanner
    there are several good websites that list the deals Walgreen's offer each week, makes it easy to keep up with the sales and coupons.