Saturday, November 5, 2011

I thought Halloween was over

I've already scared myself trying to look at my spreadsheet and see what I'm spending over budget.  Remember several posts ago, when I thought I was going to have about $750 extra?  Of course I knew there would be some things come up during the month that I under budgeted on and didn't budget for at all.....but so far I've already used up $364 of that....and there's still 3 1/2 weeks left of this month! Yikes.  But, I guess that's good I at least know about it (though I buried my head and haven't actually figured out WHAT it went to yet) so I can try to be really careful for the balance of the month.  It's not putting me in a very good mood, though :-(

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  1. Aww... :( Sometimes these things are just out of our control...