Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A new month

Payday is today and I will get my 2 checks from my side jobs tomorrow.  I spent part of the morning paying my bills online, including getting the last of dh's medical paid off (from his little surgery in September - I paid half last month and the balance of $412 this month).  I transferred $100 to savings, so now have $122.08 in reserve.  Not a lot, but better than the $1.76 I'd had in there for months and months.

Work has been crazy busy this week, with training classes most of Monday and Tuesday to learn our new computer system - so it's not leaving me much time to get normal work done.  So, I haven't had time to figure out where all my money went for November.  At first I wasn't going to track it for December, with Christmas and all the spending and chaos, but I decided since I'm on a good roll with entering my expenditures in my spreadsheet every day, I didn't want to lose my momentum (it doesn't take much for me to get off track).  Plus, I added a page to my spreadsheet where I am going to track Christmas present spending - complete with a "remaining balance" total showing how much is left to spend out of my initial budget of $600.  I did include in my budgeting for December a $500 bonus from work - but it's still marked as "potential", since it's not a certainty - I'm just hoping, since that's what they did last year.  If not, it will bring my budget down a lot and not give me very much wiggle room, but at least I'll still have the $122 in reserve if absolutely needed.  I probably won't know until close to mid December if I am getting this bonus.  Last year we got it around the 10th of December.  I can't imagine the owners giving themselves and the managers such big bonus's last month and not giving the rest of us a small Christmas bonus, but who knows? They might consider the fact that they are finally doing our performance reviews next week our "bonus". Haha.

Update** I just found out that we are all getting a $1500 bonus!!! Woohooooo!! (and that's net, after taxes are taken out).  I do payroll, but usually my boss tries to keep it from me and send the bonus info directly to our payroll company, so that I am surprised, too, but she just sent me an email that said "you get to know the surprise early".

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