Monday, November 14, 2011

Stocking stuffer deal

With Dd's birthday party yesterday afternoon I really only had time to get one deal.  I had $9 in RiteAid rewards, so I hopped in the car and did a quick trip the 1 mile to RiteAid.  17 stocking stuffers for Dd!!  Wet 'n Wild cosmetics were on sale 40% off.  I picked 17 items of the .99 price - various eye liner colors and various nail polish colors, which all rang up at the sale price of .59 each.

Total: $10.03 (plus tax)
- $9 UP rewards applied
= $1.03 out of my pocket and then another $3 UP reward printed out for spending $10 on Wet n Wild cosmetics.

 I like those kind of stocking stuffer deals :-)

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