Sunday, November 6, 2011

Proud Mom

I love my son :-)  He really is a good kid.  He's smart and getting 4.0 is his classes.  Other than a couple of speeding tickets his first year of driving (he was being dumb, then) he has never caused problems. He doesn't smoke, drink or party.  He's had the same girlfriend for 2 1/2 years (though they have been friends since 6th grade).  We tease them that they are boring....they pretty much either hang out with us or her family or they go to a movie or dinner.  But, thank god for boring! 

He got 28 hours in his first week on the new job, plus will get paid for about 32 miles of driving between offices.  Other than his district boss or the regional boss telling him what needs to be done at what offices, he's pretty much on  his own to get the work done.  He went in yesterday at 7:30 and got 5 hours in, setting up computers at one office and installing some more RAM in a couple of computers at another office.  The only part he doesn't really like is waiting for the boss to give him the next project - he said he feels like he keeps bugging her asking for work.  I told him not to feel that way - she is probably just busy doing HER job all day and probably kind of forgets about him, so to just always keep in touch with her via phone or email everyday.

I gave him the Penney's coupon and when his GF came over I told her about it, because I knew she'd remember to use it - she got the coupon too :-).  He spent some of his own money, along with what I was giving him and got 2 nice Dockers pants and 2 short sleeved polo shirts.  They were smart and split the purchase into 2 transactions so they could use both of the $10 off coupons.  Made me a proud mom - my couponing has sunk into them too :-)


  1. Sounds like a great kid, and I'm gad to hear his job is going well! :)

  2. Thanks! After he gets a couple of paychecks under his belt, I'm going to have him start paying his car insurance, so that should give my finances a little extra boost :-)