Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some potential good news

Just got an email from one of our company owners - stating that they are going to do performance reviews for all the employees by the end of this year...and apologizing that regular reviews have been spotty at best the past several years.  While I absolutely love where I work, the performance review "system" has been pretty much my only dislike.  Our employee manual states there will be one done each year. 

Well, let's see....I have been employed with this company for over 6 years now.  My first year anniversary review time came along and my boss (different person than I have now for a boss) sent me the forms for my portion of the self evaluation.  I filled them right out and about 6 months later I finally got my review and salary increase......this boss knew he was leaving so he got my increase in just before he left, but still 6 months after my anniversary date.  Then I got my current boss (who I LOVE as a boss) and a couple of months after my 3 year anniversary I had to ask her about a review and she sent me the forms for my part.....nothing happened, I think I had to ask her again, and near the end of that year she just told me she put in my raise, but I never got the review! (a nice raise it was, too).  It's been spotty like that the whole time. I got another raise the first of 2009 and then nothing for 2 years...(economy went to hell, and they dropped our bonus program, so I didn't push it) but I am not going to go more than 2 years, without at least asking for a raise!  I got one last January, so have just been wondering to myself if I should ask this coming January or go another year......

Since I do the payroll I have access to everyone's salary and when they last got a raise. I took a look and saw that most people have gone 2 years now without a raise, so I probably should wait.  But on the other hand the 3 owners just a few weeks ago took $50,000 bonus's each and gave the department manager's $10,000 bonus's.  That's what prompted me to see if anyone has been getting raises and realizing it's been 2 years for most folks.  That was a day when I really didn't want to be privy to what the head guys make and get for bonus's....while I don't begrudge them their salaries and bonus's at all, I sure felt they needed to also take a look at their employees and lack of increased salaries for quite some time.  If they can afford those bonus's they sure can afford some cost of living raises.  So, I was relieved today to find out they have done that.  And hopefully I'll be looking at another raise come January!


  1. That is quite awesome. On my part-time job, we used to have reviews every year as mandated. I had my first one after 1 year, then a second one at year 3, then no more performance reviews. (I've been there for 8 and some years now). However, they did do 'silent' raises, where they just give you a raise with no review. This happened at my 1yr anniversary, 2, 3, 6th year. Best of luck with your upcoming review.

  2. that would be strange knowing what everyones getting paid and who got raises. hope the review goes well.