Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall electricity bill

Woohoo! Just got my electricity bill and it's $60 lower than I budgeted for.  I budgeted $250.  I checked our usage this month compared to this month last year and it's a little higher, so no change, apparently from having our house caulked better for the painting we had done, so that is disappointing.  It's more just a matter of I'm trying to budget expenses a little higher than I have in the past, because I always seem to budget too low (especially for electricity/heat).  So, I guess while not a true savings, it still feels like I've saved $60 :-).


  1. Hey, that is awesome. Are you going to apply those $60 to next month's bill or move them to savings? I do agree that year to year, it may seem like you're not doing much of a change, but month to month you're really moving in the right direction. I blame it on higher electricity costs... Better to be overly prepared than under.

  2. Well, since I'm already over budget on other areas expenses (I'm still writing it all down every day to where I end up for the month) it will probably just cover where I under estimated my expenses.