Monday, November 21, 2011

Funny As

My son spent a couple of months down in Australia last year, staying with a family, enjoying the sights and culture....he came home with a lilt in his voice and some funny words and sayings ;-).  One of them is "funny as" and his girlfriend is always laughing and saying "funny as WHAT??!!"

So, my "funny as" story involves my grocery shopping trip at Walmart on Saturday morning. I had 3 items I wanted to price match and I had my ads with me.  Usually I do my price match items last, but one of my items was Pepsi and the cashier came around the checkstand to scan the boxes, so I told her I had the Pepsi and 2 other items to price match. She grabbed the ad out of my hand before I could show her what page(s) my items were on.  Then tries to tell me she can't price match the turkey.  I said it's the same exact brand in the Alberton's ad and I am spending more than $50.  So she flips on her light to call for a manager.  Then I have her give me back the ad so I can show her the Safeway store coupon for the Crescent rolls, for which I also had manufacturer coupons and she tells me I can't use both coupons.  Again, I said why not? I would be able to at Safeway, it's just their store price on the store coupon and I've always used both at Walmart before.  The manager comes over and says I'm correct about both items.  The checker seems annoyed that she had to figure out how to price match 3 items.

Fast forward to this evening.  I had to go back to Walmart to pick up some items for my daughter and I get in front of me, waiting in line, is the same checker I had on Saturday....and she has Albertson's and Safeway ads in her cart so she can price match!!  I just started laughing to myself.  I so wanted to comment to her "I hope your price matching goes easier than mine did".  Funny as!


  1. You are a strong woman biting your tongue!!! That is pretty ironic isn't it?! Lol!

  2. Haha. That's awesome. I totally think that you should've said something to her, not in a mean manner, but in a joking tone. I mean, she seems to have learned some valuable info from that little confrontation with you. I've never tried price-match (I havent been to a Walmart in ages!), and now I think I'd be afraid to try!