Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hump Day almost over

Well, I can already see that I totally under budget/estimate what I have been spending per month on groceries (this includes food, cleaning supplies, and toiletries). So far I've already spent $227.51! Granted a small bit of that was stocking up on some things, but geez!

Today's expenses included a $20 copay for my chiropractor visit and $15 prescription copay for dh's meds.  Dinner was cooked at home tonight - a Bertolli frozen meal dh loves (but pricey at $9.68).  I worked from home today, so no gas used driving an hour each way to work.  Ds was informed he needs collared polo type shirts for his new job attire (and he needs more pants) so I guess he and GF were stopping at Kohl's on their way to school this afternoon.  Hopefully, he picks reasonably priced pieces, since I had said I would help him out by buying a few things.  His GF isn't the most frugal of shoppers.  I looked at Kohl's online and looks like most of their men's polo shirts are $11.99, so let's hope that's what he was able to get.

Dd was asked to come back over to the junior high (right next door to the high school) and give a talk this afternoon to their newly formed Photography Club.  She was like "why didn't they have that club when I was in Jr. High!?".  She was photographer for the Varsity Football team in her 9th grade year, as well as many photographs for the yearbook.  She has taken outdoor professional type photos of several of her friends and did a really nice job of them.

I picked her up after that meeting and we stopped at the library. Picked up 3 movies I had reserved (#2 and #3 of the Twilight movies and another about a dog, called Hachi) and stocked up on books to read.  So, I think I am off to soak in the tub and do some reading.........

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