Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday this and that

I can't seem to get motivated today.  I worked from home today and got my grocery list completed last night.  Dd and I took off a little before 3pm but she wanted to stop at the Starbucks in Target first to get two of the buy one get one free Starbucks holiday drinks (with one of her birthday gift cards).  By the time we dillydallied around Target I was loosing my energy for grocery shopping.  Then Dh called and reminded me the car Ds has been driving tabs expire today.  So we went back home, got the paperwork and then went to the DOL to get the tabs ($70 - I have in my budget-just forgot it was due today).  The licensing office is just a mile or so away and no big line so that was quick, but by then it was after 4pm and I didn't want to deal with Walmart lines and extra people that late in the afternoon and then still have to make dinner after I got home, so we will go in the morning.

Dinner was using up stuff in the freezer and pantry, so that was good.  Tyson honey bbq chicken wings, rice-a-roni and applesauce. I had 2 free lunches at work this week, always a good thing :-)

I got 3 very small checks totaling $20.32 that I wasn't expecting so I put them in my savings account.  One was a check for $16.28 from a class action lawsuit against EbayMotors that I didn't know I was part of, but hey, I will take the money!

Dd just took off to go watch a play at one of the high schools in our district - she will get credit with one of her classes.  She needs to do a couple of "community" type events as part of getting this class to count as dual high school/college credit.

Ds got his very first paycheck today.  But for this week he only got like 20 hours.  The issue with the other guy hired at the same time doesn't really seem to be the issue this week - there just wasn't that much to do and one day Ds did take the drive (he got paid for it) up to the north end area to work at an office to help out because the other guy is working slower, I guess.  He got some good feedback on his work so far from his supervisor today. 

Not sure what my weekend plans are other than getting the grocery and Thanksgiving food shopping done.  Right now I'm not feeling like doing much of anything....come to think of it I was super tired last night - fell asleep on my bed (dh was napping on the couch) from 6:30 - 8pm., then got up to watch some shows and went to bed at 10pm.  I don't feel sick, but not sure why I'm just not having much energy.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better and I'll get something accomplished!

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  1. I have felt very similar to how you've felt, and it is tiresome. Hope you get your energy back up!