Monday, November 14, 2011

And there she goes.........

Kind of a bittersweet morning….Dd took off all on her own to drive herself to school this morning for the first time.  While part of me was jumping for joy not to have to make the daily trip to her school and back each morning (4 miles each way takes 25-30 minutes – it’s a zoo getting in and out of that school) another part of me just watched my little girl grow up and start to live her own life….and what a life I’m sure she will have!  She is SO smart and SO beautiful and so focused and goal oriented.  You can’t meet her and not know she is destined to succeed.  3.9 GPA with AP classes and plans to enter the program next year where she will be attending community college at the same time as high school, with the goal of graduating high school with an AA degree at the same time.  She wants a part time job and is starting to look, now that she is 16.  I’m not rushing her on the job thing…school takes a lot of her time, as well as tennis from March through beginning of June each year.  They grow up so fast!


  1. Sounds like you've done a wonderful job raising her!! :) You should be proud of her, she sounds like she'll go far in life!!! :)

  2. she sounds like she's doing really well, on track with her studies and geeting great grades, lots for you to proud of! :)

  3. She sure has made raising a teenager easy (as well as my son). Don't know how I got so lucky.