Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The antique/vintage mystery purchase

I don't know what made me remember the little stool my grandparents had, but I do remember it vividly. I just had no idea what it was called, to even try to find one! I don't know what happened to grandma's stool, but obviously my mom got rid of it when she moved my grandma into nursing care. At the time I was so busy with teenagers, working, etc, that I don't even remember thinking about taking the stool. 

When I was visiting dd last month and we were antique shopping, something triggered my memory of their old stool. I googled different names for the stool and finally got a hit and then started finding these stools for sale. At first I wanted to find one exactly like my grandparents stool. It had a black wood base with a white(ish) leather cushion. All the stools I found with the same exact base that matched my grandparents were all red leather cushions....and pretty worn....and like $300. I set aside the idea for a couple of weeks. Then started looking again. Again almost buying a red one that was very worn. Then I came across a bunch on ebay, and while they were priced great (under $100) the shipping on all of them was over $100. 

Then I came across this one. The base and cushion are different colors, but it's exactly the same stool and I think the colors go much better with my decor. It was a decent price and shipping was only $29. I love it! The leather is in really good shape. I don't know for sure where I am putting it, but for now it's in my foyer entrance.

Do you know what type of stool this is called?


  1. My parents has one very much like that. They always referred to it as a camel saddle. Mickey in SoCal

  2. A "footstool" maybe?
    I love it and it looks great!!

  3. Mickey is correct - it is called a "camel saddle stool" :)

  4. I like that stool. In the foyer sounds like a good idea since someone may need to sit down to put boots on or take boots off.