Sunday, February 19, 2023

A good Sunday

What a difference between day and night with my mom. I called her today at 11:15 and for once caught her in her room. She was a pleasure to chat with and was doing really well. Easy to talk to, no complaining that she wanted to leave. I still need to find out what happened with not getting a haircut.

There is supposed to be a big snow storm heading in tomorrow for a couple of days. Glad we got all our groceries stocked up last Friday. I'm going to make pizza for dinner tonight and tomorrow I'm putting a pork roast and veggies in the crockpot. In the past years when I made a roast in the crockpot I also made a loaf of bread in my old bread machine. I always just bough the box mix for bread machines, but I guess they don't make that anymore. I do have some packets of yeast, so I need to find the recipe book for the bread machine or a recipe online to also make some bread. 

I think our neighbors aren't too happy right now. Dh saw something laying on the ground out in front of one of their garage doors, but couldn't figure out what it was/see that far without his glasses. Later he looked out the end of our garage window and saw it was their buffalo hide rug.....Mr had mentioned before they had an issue with son's dog(s) peeing on it. It's on the floor in their basement, so apparently it must've gotten peed on and they threw it out in the driveway because of the smell.  I told dh dang! that's an expensive thing to ruin - those hides are like $2000! He didn't believe me at first and then looked them up and yep. I said I had wanted one to hang over our stair railing upstairs, but then I saw how much they cost. LOL.

I found an antique item online I've been looking for, for a month or so. When I get it, I'll post a pic of it and why I wanted one. It's such an odd item, it took me awhile to even figure out what to call it to search for it. Not exactly sure where I'm going to put it yet, but it's not big and I have options.

I need to take the frozen dinner rolls out of the freezer at 2pm to thaw out in time to make the pizza dough for dinner. Then I think I'll take a nap.



  1. I know that is a relief to have her seem like her old self. Do you think she will even remember it? But, I would have to ask.

    How long will it take the Mr. to get fed up with those untrained dogs, kids, and feral wife?

    1. She would only remember it for a few minutes, most likely. I'm sure Mr is fed up. Not sure how long DIL was planning on staying but early yesterday afternoon she backed her truck into the garage, which is always what they do when they are packing up all their stuff, to leave, LOL.

  2. Anne Brew
    A lovely moment with your mother - one to tuck away and enjoy.
    Antique item? Intriguing.

    1. it's good to have those nice chats with her once in a while.