Sunday, February 12, 2023

Sunday and chores to be done

I didn't realize that the big 58" (I think it's 58") tv I took from my mom's place is a smart tv. That sure made it easy to plug in, turn on, and set up with our wireless network and it works! It will be nice to have a tv to watch, if I want, that isn't so high up above the fireplace, like our other tv. One of these days, when I have money saved up again, I'll get a sofa for the room....and a pool table...and....LOL. 

I almost feel back to "normal" daily life, not having to worry so much about my mom and not having to feel like I constantly needed to check her on cameras to make sure she's ok. I feel like I can once again concentrate on some other things now. A little more time to get other things done. A little more relaxed feeling. All good things.

Which is good because work is probably going to get a little bit hectic and busy for a time period as we try to find someone to hire to assist me and then the training time involved for a while. I'm going to really need to be able to focus on work in the next couple of months, so this moving of mom has happened at a good time.

Today I need to do some vacuuming and dusting downstairs. That cat sheds a lot and other than vacuuming upstairs right before dd came to stay I have not had time to take care of downstairs in a couple of weeks, being gone and busy the past 2 weekends. My being gone 4 nights the other week seems to have finally broken the cat of needing to be taken up to the office to bed, LOL. Now he just sleeps on the rocking chair in our bedroom at night and while sometimes he's awake too early and meowing, if he does that, I just put him out of our bedroom and shut the door until I'm ready to get up. He likes to meow at 5:30 am haha.

He doesn't understand his friend - the one who's wife bought him the muscle car that she had dh find for her to give her dh as a gift. She had strict budget and wanted it to be a "driver". Not something he had to work on to get running, etc. Not something her dh would have to tear apart to change everything. Dh found one in her budget that was nice. Just needed more minor type of work done on it. He also showed her a nicer one that was $10k more, just to show her the difference but nope, she wasn't budging. So now guess what? They have spent probably $20,000 on changes to this car! A new engine, etc etc. The car has been sitting half torn apart in his shop now for at least the past year of the 18 months he's had it now. He's going to take the whole front end off to install the new engine...then get  new fenders... Like dh said....this car will never ever get finished now and just sit in his shop in pieces and not drivable. Sad. Dh doesn't understand the thinking, but we guess it's not his to understand. Supposedly they were going to bring it up here when they visit at the end of May as we have an annual car show in town, but I'm guessing that's not going to happen this year, if ever.

Nothing much else going on today. I'm going to make spaghetti for dinner, so that way we'll be able to have it for leftovers on Monday and I won't have to make dinner after working all day.  DH is doing laundry, as Sunday is one of his laundry days of the week.


  1. If DH's friend isn't someone who likes to tinker with cars that sounds like a huge waste of money doesn't it. Still, as you say, really it's their business. My neighbour has an old jeep-type vehicle which he keeps in the garage, takes it out about three times a year and the wife does her nut because they could better use that money on something else!

    1. Friend does like to tinker, but he's already got a half dozen other projects never finished to tinker on. His wife wanted to get him a car they could drive and take to car shows and such and that's not happening with it now. They have the money to waste, but with the money they have now spent changing the car, she'd have come out more ahead to buy the more expensive one dh found that needed nothing done to it, LOL.