Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Sick caregivers, pills and cookies

My mom's caregivers are still both out sick this morning. Gah! I'm sure this has made K realize she needs more staff. She's probably just been assuming well, if one of us is sick, the other can cover, but now both are sick. She did text this morning that she is training a new gal this evening. Last evening, when my mom's med dispenser chimed at 6:30 I just waited to see if she could figure it out or not, as on occasion she does, but she thought it was the phone ringing, so I called her to tell her to push the dispenser button and when we hung up she went right over to the sink and took her pills, I saw from watching the camera. That camera sure has been a good thing to have.  By the way, I ended up not getting a gift card for a new caregiver. Other than one evening on the camera last week, I have not seen her training anyone and there has been no new gals tending to my mom, yet. So, I just mailed the gift cards for K and  C.

Mom did ok last night. Went to bed just before 9 and even put her nightgown on. I had to call her about 7:40 to wake her up and tell her to get dressed and go down for breakfast. I always wonder now what time she'd get up on her own, if no one was getting her up. She'd never get any breakfast! She did put on the same clothes she wore yesterday, of course. I was messaging dd about her last night and said well....if the wait for memory care is going to be 12-16 weeks, I am about 3 weeks into the wait now, so maybe 25% of the way into the wait. That made it seem like we're getting closer to when I can move her. I hope! It is really time.

My bonus checks arrived UPS yesterday right after I got done working for the day. Since it was after 4pm, the deposits I did via my banking phone app won't show up in my account now until tomorrow. 

DH is making me wonder/confusing me with what time he keeps taking his morning pills. He's supposed to take them an hour or so before eating. So, most often he either takes them when I get up (and he goes back to bed) or he'll be up (usually 6-6:30) to go to the bathroom, so he'll walk out the kitchen to take them. I always take them out of the pill box the night before and put them in a little bowl that we have sitting next to the coffee maker, just for his pills. With big fumbly fingers early in the morning he finds just dumping the pills from the bowl into his hand much easier than trying to get the 4 pills (2 are vitamins) out of the pill box. But, often I will get up at 7 and when I go into the kitchen to make coffee I see his pills are gone from the bowl and do not know when he got up to take them. Pretty much anytime he gets up after 5:30am to use the bathroom I get woken up enough to know he got up and know he walked out to the kitchen.I hear him open and close the fridge to get out a water bottle to take the pills.

Then this morning he tells me I forgot to put his pills out last night. All signs point to I did put them out! First off, I have to give him one pill just before I go to bed. That is when I get the pillbox down from the cupboard and of course take out the next morning pills. I put them in a little bowl next to the coffee maker (easier for him to get the pills into his hand then trying to get his big fumbly fingers into the pillbox). I also always push the bowl up next to the backsplash. When he takes the pills he always leaves the little bowl setting out farther from the backsplash, in front of the coffee maker. That's where it was this morning. Plus the pillbox was empty for Tuesday am and the days lid was open, meaning yes, I removed the pills. He has no idea what time he took them or even that he did. I'm going to have to start paying more attention to what time he's taking these morning pills, I guess. Lately I've been starting to suspect he's just taking them when he comes to bed at 1:30am or whatever time it ends up being. 

We got a couple more inches or so of snow again last night and it's supposed to snow all day today. I think dh will be busy, that's for sure. When he got down plowing yesterday it was just before noon so before he put the plow away I asked him to take me down to neighbors in it, so I could drop off my box of cookies. It's a nice little ride, LOL. Then we pulled down the driveway of Mr and Mrs and I dropped that box off. Mr saw the rosettes in the box (box has a clear lid) and said "oh, those good Scandanavian cookies!". A bit later Mrs texted me thanking for the cookies and said the rosettes reminded her of her Scandinavian heritiage as her mom used to make these cookies. And where did I get the cute box from? (amazon, LOL)


  1. I would say you did put his pills out & he just took them out of habit, :) just another day.
    I hope your mom can get into the memory care building soon. It will be so much better for her & you. Much less worry for you. I know she's on your mind 24/7 now. You will get a little peace of mind at least.
    On the east coast we have ice & snow with single digit temps. You are probably experiencing the same. Brutal! :0]

    1. I think it was just habit too. I do the same and have to also use a pillbox for that very reason. Brutal weather starting today for sure. They even closed schools tomorrow for it

  2. Serious question - if you died tomorrow, would your husband be able to take care of himself - or would he need a caretaker? Sounds like he is very much dependent on you. Would he move in with daughter?

    1. He's very dependent and I'm sure would learn to manage because he'd have to. Mostly he'd starve because he doesn't know how to cook anything. He'd live on soup, sandwiches and cereal I'd imagine.