Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Customer service and bonus time

Last week our big garbage can cracked right down the middle of the back. It needs to be replaced and isn't going to hold much weight until then. I went online last Thursday to get the garbage company phone number from my account online and they had a link where you could report a damaged container. ok, easy peasy. I reported it for replacing and received an email back saying they received my report and gave me a case # with it. I decided to call this morning to find out WHEN it will get replaced. Like...are they bringing a new one with our weekly garbage service tomorrow morning? Well, of course not. They have no record that I filed a ticket for can replacement. When she enters in the reference case# I was given, she says it goes to a different account/address. So she put in the claim again and now says it shows the earliest it will be replaced is 12/22. But she did say she sent a message into our local dispatch (she is from an office in Colorado, apparently) to put a rush on it and see if they can replace it earlier, so let's hope so.

And I'm still trying to find out if I need to make the cookies to ship out UPS today. The package that is supposed to come today is still not showing "on truck for delivery" yet. It made it to the local distribution center at midnight, so that usually means it will get on this mornings truck, but it's still not updated yet and usually it is by now. I want the cookies to be as fresh as possible since it will take 2-3 days to get to them. 

Bonus's! Yes, I found out at the end of yesterday how much I am getting and it's twice what I figured I would get, so that's an even nicer bonus bonus. Ok, I'm still trying to get them all entered in our payroll system....LOL...because of course that system is never easy. My boss asked our payroll advisor to set up this bonus batch of live checks (not direct deposit) and so that no one sees it when they log into their payroll account until after the checks are handed out, to be mailed to the office, and set it up to be taxed at the bonus supplemental rate. So, advisor set up a "bonus" batch I could then enter them all in, but after running the report to review it my boss said 401k contributions weren't supposed to be deducted from the bonus's, so now it's back to the advisor to see how she fixes. We are hoping she can adjust it from her end without me having to re-enter all the bonus's again. Anyhow, since they are live checks and then my boss has to mail me mine, I'm not expecting it until later next week.

Ok, the UPS just updated that the package is out for delivery today, so now that I know our UPS guy will be stopping here today, I can get the cookies made and the package ready to give to him. The earliest he is ever here is late afternoon, so I have time. It usually takes me less than an hour to make them. We got some snow last night and it's snowing now, so dh has some work to do this morning to keep him busy.


  1. I hope I get a big bonus too, happy for you!

  2. Anne Brew

    A bonus fully deserved - very well done! x

  3. accounting is an extremely redundant job, LOL. DH isn't sure how it got cracked, but he's guessing the sub zero temps and the limb trucks arms, or dropping it back down hard, probably did it.

  4. Bonuses? I laugh. Never have I worked anywhere with a bonus. Husband either. He might get a gift, but any gift we get is from our supervisors own pockets. Such it is in public or nonprofit service.

    1. It is one of the perks of working for a small private company, especially one that is in sales.