Thursday, December 22, 2022


A couple days ago dh happened to be outside closing up our gate in front of the shop. The garbage service company had finally picked up our damaged can and brought the new one. Neighbor lady with the hyper dog was starting to walk back down the street from meeting her kid getting off the school bus and had her dog on leash. He was acting up and she kicked him! So in case you were wondering if she was serious in her text to me last week about just kicking him in the butt to get him to go home, yes she was. People suck.

My January work meeting got changed to the end of January (better, I think) and changed from a Friday to a Thursday. I'm going to fly over the afternoon before. There has always been a morning flight that got me there around 7:30 or 8 but they apparently aren't offering that one anymore, so it's either a 6am flight or a 2pm flight. I am not getting up at 3:30am (at the latest) to get to the airport by 5 am. Nope. Plus, if there are any delays like last time, where I got there 90 minutes late, I'll be too late, as this meeting is supposed to start like 9am. Not taking a chance. But mostly, not getting up at 3am! Boss will book me a hotel for that night. Thursday afternoon dd will pick me up after she gets off work (she's off by 2:30 and then it's about an hours drive to my office) and we'll go back up to her house where I will stay through Sunday, so we'll get a nice visit in for a few days :) Plus, I'll get to celebrate my birthday with her. 

Yesterday I took a lunch break and made some snickerdoodle cookies from the package mix. Dh mentioned he wanted to give the road snow plow guys some cookies like he did last year. Our "retired" friend plows snow in the winter for the state and is one of the guys who plows the main road past our house (as well as the highway). I got them boxed up and dh texted him to text him when he's coming past our house and dh will go out to the road and meet him with the cookies to take back to their office to share with the other plow drivers.  

Well, it got down to -21 where were at. Now it's warmed up to -17, haha. Tomorrow we warm up to a high of +21. So far so good for dd/sil driving over. She is packed and ready to go and they plan to leave their house at like 4 or 5 am tomorrow. This is their normal wake up time anyway, for their jobs, so they are used to getting up that early. Plus they are hoping by leaving that early they beat some of the holiday traffic out there. SIL is always super good about making sure their vehicle (they are driving their truck over) is ready for travel. DD said this trip he did an oil change, a new thermostat and filled up the antifreeze. They will pack prepared for bad conditions.

I had a funny conversation with my mom last night. She was mentioning Christmas and saying she didn't know who she was going to invite over for Christmas. I told her she was coming to my house for dinner and we'll pick her up. A minute later she kinda remembered she was coming here and then said "but I don't have a car" I said that's ok, we're coming to pick you up. Then she said "well, I should probably still look into getting a car again" Hahaha! Um....NO! LOL. I said we don't want you out driving in this weather and besides you'd have to retake the driving test to get a license now ;)

And then this morning I had a bit of a panic. I get up at 7 and look at my phone for her camera notifications. When I went to bed (around 10) she was asleep in her recliner. From earlier clips it appeared she put her nightgown on, but still had on her jeans (and a sweater on over the nightgown). Around 2am she got up for about 15 or 20 minutes and kinda wandered around her apartment and then went back into her bedroom, appeared to go to bed. No other notifications. I got really busy right off the bat with work and about 8:10 happened to look at my phone and see there were no notifications that the caregiver came and woke her up. No clips at all. I log into the camera live and don't see anything going on. Did they not come? she's probably still asleep then...I call and no answer. Then I got a bit panicked. I texted K to make sure - maybe it's just a camera glitch? While waiting for K to text back I looked at the last clip from 2 am when she went into her bedroom - her main door had the chair in front of it. A live view now showed the chair pulled back. It must be a camera glitch and she's down at breakfast. Finally after like 20 minutes K texted me that yes, C woke her up and mom is down at breakfast. I guess maybe her wifi stopped working for awhile so no camera clips. But, in the past, whenever her wifi or power went out her Hero med dispenser app would send me a notification that it was offline from the dispenser and I didn't get that. Who knows, but just glad it was all nothing to worry about.

Payroll processing was pretty easy breezy this morning. Wooo! The rest of the day should be easy stuff and then I am off through Jan 2nd. 

Oh, and we received a really neat gift from our friend who visited in September. She took one of the pictures she took at the lake we hiked up to and had it made into a soft fleece throw blanket. It's awesome and such a neat idea.

I'll leave you with a little video clip of fog and ice floating down the river. I think because the river is warmer than the air outside right now!


  1. Very nice gift from your friend. It shows how much she appreciated her visit. Violence leads vto violence, so that poor dog! What a twit, and a cruel twit.

  2. That is a very cold temperature. I would die in -21F temp. She kicks her dog? That is a very bad sign, a true mark of her character. Poor dog.
    Your mother really does need another car! NOT! I am not laughing at her, but the things she comes up with are funny in a way. I suppose when she does not remember "car" or that she owned one, she will be so much worse. So, I suppose it is good she remembers some things even if it is all wrong for her.
    That camera is so handy!