Friday, December 23, 2022

Friday is here

DD and SIL left their house at 4:10 this morning. They have made it over the first of 3 mountain passes. That pass was probably the worst they'll experience and it wasn't too bad. The current weather is -4 and warming up to around 20 today so at least the temp is going in the right direction now. They are taking the drive slow and easy but have flat mostly bare highway the next couple hundred miles. I'm guessing they will be here around 1:30 this afternoon. (they lose an hour due to crossing time zone). Tomorrow through Monday it's supposed to be around 40 degrees, so a lot warmer.

Ooh boy, mom had a very confused day yesterday. She called me 4 times between 2 and 4pm. It seemed like everything I tried to say to explain or help actually was just making it all worse. She pretty much had no clue about anything. I'm hoping a sleep last night did the "reset" she usually has after a bad day. I have a feeling it's because it's Christmas. Her brain sort of knows something is going on with it all, but can't remember the details so she's getting worked up. She mentioned again yesterday about Christmas and she didn't know who she was inviting over. When I told her (again) that we're picking her up Christmas morning to come here for dinner she did not remember that at all. I don't bring it up, unless she does but I'm sure all the decorations, activity and talk around her makes her know something different is going on. I kind of remember this a bit from last year, too, and I'm sure it's worse/harder for her this year to process it all. And then I just got a text from K that she feels it's time mom switches to Depends, so now that new aspect to deal with. I honestly cannot wait until there is an opening at the memory care place. It's time, for sure.

I found out yesterday my side job is going to continue for a while longer, just at a much lesser capacity, so there will still be some income coming in. The new owner takes over Jan 1st but the old owners are still retaining their accounts receivable, so they will need me to process that and reconcile their bank statement for it. This will probably be another 6 months at least, so it will kind of give me an "easing" out of it all, financial wise. And it sounds like at some point I'll be picking up that new small side job, too.


  1. Hi I’ve not commented before but have read your blog for years. My mom passed away four years ago from Alzheimer’s after a 5 year battle. Depends are great and they are now designed and styled to look like regular underwear so they are much more dignified. Also as my mom progressed and got harder to dress I ordered her clothes from Silverts which is adaptive wear. They have some great selections. Her caregivers loved them too and they were easy to help my mom into. Their pjs and robes are comfy and cute. Just an idea for you if your mom gets to that point where dressing is difficult or painful. It’s a terrible disease but you are really doing a great job and how lucky she is to have you as her daughter!

    1. I was looking at the Depends online an noticed they look alot like regular underwear, so that is good. Thank you so much for the info on the clothes! I had not heard of that before but will for sure look into it.

  2. I think depends are a really good idea at this stage if she's starting to have accidents. Makes everyone's life easier and as ColoradoGirl pointed out, you can get some specially adapted clothes too!

  3. I hope your mom does ok when she spends the night. It’s good your daughter will be there if you need help. Joyce

  4. My husband went from clear speech to garbled speech in a matter of months. I suggest making videos of her just talking to all of you on Christmas just to have it. As soon as she no longer remembers how to use her phone a lot of your talks will not happen.