Wednesday, December 28, 2022

A sleep in day

DD and SIL had a good normal drive home yesterday. The roads were all good. They don't go back to work until Thursday of next week, so they have a nice long break still. I think she said today her inlaws are coming over and they are going to do Christmas with them.

I finally decided to get myself the new ipad I've been wanting, for a couple years now?! LOL. I got that Fire Tablet awhile back and really just do not like it much, compared to the ipad mini's I had. While I do like the bigger screen for watching shows, it's just not near as good as the ipad. I hate the sound buttons. The lowest setting is still really too loud. Turning it on, I always have to skip past an ad that shows up, etc. I decided this would be a good thing to use a little of my bonus on.

I debated between the ipad mini and the regular 10.2"ipad and ended up going with the 10.2" size. It's cheaper than the mini (used to be the other way around) and I got a good deal through Staples and 18% cashback will be coming from Capital One Shopping rewards and the ipad is supposed to be here on Friday. I do still need to find a case to buy for it. I'll probably use my $50 Amazon gift card I just got through work. Turns out that email from one of the mfg's we rep was a legitimate gift. Very nice! That's quite a gift to send each employee and if they did that with all their reps across the! Then in the mail yesterday was a card from my boss with a $100 Amazon gift card. Very nice :) An Amazon gift card is also what I gave myself (LOL) from my mom, so I have quite a good large gift cards balance on my account right now. I had mom give me and dd Amazon cards and dh Cabelas and sil a Sportsmans Warehouse card.

I've been wanting a new coffee maker for awhile, but just kind of waiting for my old Keurig to die. It's a good 12 years old, at least. I was looking online and there are so many different kinds to choose from. I just want the single serve type, but I also want to be able to use my own coffee grounds, not just the pods, which are too expensive to use daily. I usually just keep those on hand for guests. I'm kind of leaning towards the Keurig mini. Takes up less counterspace.

I was watching the camera at mom's last evening and sometimes K brings her little girl with her (about 2 or 3 yrs old) and as they were leaving the little girl says "mommy put your jammies on your bed". It was so cute. And later mom did actually put her nightgown on, for a change. The other "funny" was the evening of the day we took her back to her place. My phone rang at like 7pm with the number from the office at her apartments. I thought oh no! But it was mom on the other end. She couldn't figure out how to call me from her phone so apparently had them dial me, I guess. She said she didn't feel well, but then I realized it wasn't feeling sick, she was just really confused. I told her to go back to her apartment and I would call her. I had to tell her like 3 times her apartment number. A couple minutes later she got into her apartment and I called. I told her she's had a really busy couple of days and was probably just really tired and worn out and she needed to get her nightgown on and go to bed and get a good nights sleep. Which of course she didn't do, she went to her recliner and slept for about an hour or more. She was up and about again at 8:30. I decided to call her again and try to get her to get her nightgown on and go to bed. She tried to tell me she was ok to sleep with what she had on (I could see her still fully dressed) and I said well, no you don't want to sleep in your clothes..she said well, not my pants but the top is ok. I again said your nightgown is on your bed, so put that on and go to bed. I still had the camera open on my tablet when we hung up. She hangs up and says "I'm sorry, but you're NOT going to tell ME what to do!". OMG, I had a good laugh. She did go to her top and underwear, haha. I came back downstairs and told everyone else and they had a good laugh too. DD said "oooh, mom got in trouble!" haha.


  1. And I hope you consider yourself well and truly told off!

  2. Remember that, young lady, when you think about getting sassy! I had a good laugh over that. Now comes the rebellion stage.

    1. When I was in trouble as a kid, she always used my first and middle names. I'm surprised she didn't do that, LOL.

  3. Anne Brew

    Your mother does make me smile! X