Friday, August 19, 2022

When's dinner?

We made it to Friday! My boss has the day off, so that will be less emails and phone calls for me, haha. It was a busy week with her and I working on a project we needed to get done and we got it done around noon yesterday.

DH spent the day putting the snow plow attachment on the mule and then also putting the snowplow itself together. Just lots of nuts and bolts and washers, etc. Along with directions on what to use where, but it appears they screwed up in the bag of hardware as one of the directions called for using the 3" bolts and there were no 3" bolts. There was some 5" type of bolt (that was not on the list included in the directions) so we are guessing they put the wrong ones in. But dh has a big bolt bin and he found 2 3" he could use. It's going to move a lot of snow! He said he is going to put the old quad/plow up for sale around first of September and see if he can get $2500 for it.

On some good news, while I was out in the shop last evening helping dh a bit, I got on the scale (the only one we have) that is in his shop bathroom. I have lost 5 pounds since I last checked (at least a month or more ago), so I was really happy about that. Finally it seems my extra walking and trying to cut out snacks and sugar calories is working. 

Mom seemed a little confused yesterday. I called her after lunch. I didn't have the cameras set to detect motion on, but assumed she had gone down for lunch and was back from that when I checked and she was in her apartment about 1:15. She said something about she did something and someone was nice and left her a meal in a container outside her door, so she just put the empty container back out there but wasn't sure if that's where she was supposed to put it. I said did you go down for lunch? she wasn't sure and then I tried to see if she knew if meals were being brought to apartments again? (they do that if they are short staffed). She didn't think so. I'm guessing the "something" she did was forget to go down for lunch.

So, I watched her cameras at 4:50 to see if she was going down for dinner. I checked a couple times prior to that and she was watching Family Feud on tv for quite awhile and that was still on at 4:50. She got up because she heard talking outside her door. She opened her door a bit to see and I could hear a group of people talking - no doubt other residents from her floor waiting for the elevator so they could go down for dinner. She walks back to her recliner and as she's sitting down says to herself "I guess I should go down there". Then she doesn't. Finally a couple minutes after 5 I called her to remind her it's dinner time and she went down. Hopefully this isn't a new thing where she's starting to forget it's time for lunch and dinner. Up until now it's just been mornings she doesn't seem to remember, which I have the caregiver stopping in to make sure she does.

I need to go see her this weekend and I'm trying to decide if I want to go tomorrow or Sunday. Either day it's going to be almost 100 degrees outside, so no matter what her apartment is going to be too warm for me either day. I was hoping I'd check the weather app and maybe by Sunday it would be in the 80's haha. Part of me is tired from the busy work week and just want tomorrow to relax but then part of me hates being really busy on Sunday and then back at it Monday. I'll probably go tomorrow morning, then I'll have the rest of the weekend to rest.

Well, I guess I'd better get a grocery list started so I can put in an order to pick up this weekend. What I really need to start doing, is other than like milk and perishables, is get myself better stocked up so that I only have to do a big grocery pick up once a month and just fill in the perishables with a trip to our town grocery or just a quick stop when I'm in the city to get those.


  1. The first thing I do when putting something together is get the parts list and bag of bolts or screws is lay them out, count, and make sure everything is there. It is so annoying to have pieces missing, Nowadays, I don't have screws and bolts and such to find pieces I need. Before, I did. I put together a set of shelves and had pieces left over. The company had included parts the shelves did not

    It is good he has a stash of bolts so he won't be slowed down.

    That camera is a very good thing to have to help your mother. I am surprised you have sound.

    1. The Blink cameras so have sound, but it's not the greatest quality. If she is not talking very loud (which is most of the time) or if she's talking to herself while she's by her heat/ac unit, that often drowns out the sound. But if she says something clearly and in a normal talking voice I can hear it. I could even talk to her through it, but I've never done that! She wouldn't understand plus I don't want to draw attention to the cameras, haha

  2. My daughter just put together a push/ old fashion lawn mower. We thought parts were forgotten, but then saw they only include one set for handle, when we though there should be two. She .sy not keep this version of mower. Her yard is bigger than I think she might feel she can handle with manual push mower.

    1. a push mower would be a workout, LOL. My mom had a small yard in her old place and had an electric type lawn mower that worked well for her...then as she got older she hired someone to do it.

    2. Sam,
      If I thought that a push mower was easy on a 1/2 acre lot in my fifties, your daughter can handle it.