Friday, April 16, 2021

What now?

The  neighbors have been so good the past few weeks about keeping the sons dogs inside while they are gone. Except for today. DH has been outside working on a yard area, Mr left and told DH he's leaving the dogs out, but if they start barking the bark collar is inside the door....huh?! DH is supposed to interrupt what he's busy doing and walk all the way over there to put a bark collar on their dog? DH told me if he's putting a bark collar on anything, it's going to be Mr. and Mrs son! First they started barking because FedEX delivered something there. Then a bit later they were all 5 going ballistic. I looked out front to see if I could see anything.

I see some guy in an orange vest across the road walking along, doing some kind of surveying. Well, that probably isn't a good sign. Our neighborhood of 7, 2 acre lots is surrounded by state land on all sides....except for one very narrow strip of land across the road, that follows back down the road about a mile. I mean NARROW. A guy who lives a mile down owns the thin strip. Not really usable/buildable for anything, just for some weird reason, sandwiched in between the road and state land and part of his property. His house and business is down a mile at the end of it, where his property is bigger at that end. Apparently the owner told Mr. Neighbor a long time ago maybe he'll build some cabins along it, to rent out. I'm praying that's not what it is, or if it is he's considerate enough to build them a little farther down, where there are no houses right across from them, just more state land. All's we can imagine is cabins literally across the road from us with loud groups of people using them all summer. Oh joy. If that happens we will probably just sell, seriously. We can certainly deal with someone building that lives near us permanently and is a neighbor. We don't want to deal with vacation people for months out of every year. 

When we were looking at this piece of property dh researched the area around us very thoroughly. To see what kind of neighbors were in the vicinity and who owned what properties near us. At one end of our 7 lots is a large piece of state land. Same thing on the the other end. On one side is the river and on the other side of the river (steep bank) is railroad and state land. On the road side is state land (with a big cliff and that teeny strip of land that runs along the road. DH felt certain nothing would be used on it, as it's not wide enough to build a house on. We just didn't think of small cabins!

Maybe that isn't what it is, but Mr. Neighbor will probably find out, as he talks to this quy quite often. I thought maybe he's having it surveyed because he's going to sell his place, but I don't really see that happening, since he also has his business set up there and he's been there about 15 years now. To access this narrow strip he has to cross state land at this end or access it from the end where his house is.

Seems like we just can't go outside to enjoy it without having to listen to something annoying. If it's not the dogs, then it's the shooting, and if it's not the shooting, it's the dogs. You would think in a county that has 1 person per square mile it would be pretty peaceful....

I haven't even made my first mortgage payment with my new lender (due 5/1) and they've already sold it to another company. I had already set up so I could pay online, and now since their transition is effective 5/1 and my first payment is due 5/1, I have to mail it in. Hopefully by the next month I'll be able to set it up with this company to pay online.


  1. Are there any rules, restrictions, covenants that would prohibit this sort of activity? I would check that out for sure. When people are on vacation, you never know how they are reared. Most people are on their worst behavior. And, probably have dogs let let run loose, another problem.

    If the guy offers to "let" your husband take care of the dogs, I would have a pithy remark ready, like "let me have your son's number and I will call him to come do it." Or, maybe that is too rough!

    1. Unless a neighborhood (which are very rare here) have covenants, it's pretty much do anything you want here in this county. This guy can do what he wants with his property. We have covenants for the 7 lots in our street, but that only applies to the 7 lots. You don't even need a building permit here. Crazy. I'm sure dh wishes he could have said that aloud!