Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Campers and calves

Yesterday DH called the Forest Service district next to ours, that has the law enforcement guys (2 apparently). One called him back. He is aware of this squatter camper, as the sheriff deputy dh had talked to did call him about it last week. He said they know who the guy is and he has a warrant on that they are working on right now. He said they had to deal with him last summer, in a different area about 60 miles away and he's not up to any thing legal. DH also told him it's strange that most days, since it's been here, no body ever sees a vehicle there with it. It sounds like that is maybe the hold up, the camper is there but nobody seems to be there very often. Now, knowing the guy has a warrant and up to no good, dh is pretty sure they are using it as a meth lab.....not actually living/camping there. I said well let's hope to God the law (the sheriff and Forest Service) aren't as slow to take care of anything as where we moved from or it will be months, or probably never! This FS LEO guy said he works nights and weekends, so if DH see's something suspicious he gave him his cell # and said to text him.

I have been keeping a log of when we were hearing shots from across the river (and then added the ones that started up again, last Friday, down river), but other than last Tuesday, there have been no shots coming from across the river up on the hill (knock on wood). DH is now wondering if our deputy also gave that guy a visit or a call? It seems like we just finally get rid of one problem, only to have another pop or or an old one resurface.

Saturday afternoon dh walked down to talk to our young neighbors about the camper and shooting. She was the one who said she saw the camper actually being moved in and it was a Monday, so that means he's been there over 3 weeks now. DH was kind of like geez, what do we do about all this crap going on. It's not very peaceful here anymore. "I guess move..." and before he could finish his sentence both of them shouted NO! you guys are not moving! LOL. Nope, end of discussion.  Well, good to know they like us as much as we like having them for neighbors :)

I had ordered a few items from a rustic decor website called DecorSteals. Out of the 3 items, only 1 was really like the pictures. The first item was that copper canister. Almost none of their items ever have reviews. I did find a way to leave a review about that and they did contact me right away and gave me a 50% credit. I then bought the plant stand, which was good. Yesterday I just got a rustic/rusted clock I ordered. Again, not really looking like the pictures. It's all very dark and no distressing, so you can barely see the Roman numerals on it. I'm a bit disappointed. I'm going to see if I can scuff it up a bit and make it look more distressed and the numbers more prominent. I'm not leaving a review. I see the review I left on the canister is no longer showing. I just took myself off their email list. There's lot of other places to buy decor from.

So far, the annual Memorial Day swap meet nearby is a go this year. We have been two or three years and 2 years ago we wanted a big wood carved bear we saw, but it was over $200 and at the time we just had too much money going to get the house finished that we said we'd wait and get one another time. Then last year it got canceled. Hopefully the guy, or someone else doing those types of carvings is there selling their stuff. It's a huge swap meet, which includes lots of local arts and crafts booths. I have been looking online like Marketplace or Craigslist to see if anyone is making/selling them around here, but haven't had any luck.

Weatherwise it looks like we are turning the bend this week so that it above freezing overnight now and by the weekend our overnight lows are supposed to be 40. DH got the compost/manure I bought put out around the base of all the shrubs and trees we have planted.  We planted some iris bulbs our neighbor gave us last Fall and they look to be sprouting some green so that will make dh happy if these grow. He's the one who wanted some of those when he saw hers. I'm glad we were able to get some bulbs from her when she split hers up as when I was looking at them online they were expensive.

I should be getting a call any day from the vet to pick up pups ashes. They had said about 10 days. I also looked back at my records and when the dogs had their last annual exam was about exactly a year ago, when I had the mobile vet come out, so when she calls I'm going to see if we can get an appointment for our dog to have a check up, too. Might as well, if we have to do the hour drive there. 

The small cattle ranch about 5 miles down the road from us has lots of baby calves in the field now. My favorite time of the year to drive by there. I told dh before, I think I was supposed to be a cattle rancher, LOL. Every time I see cattle grazing somewhere I always feel this sense of total peace. My grandparents on dads side were cattle ranchers. If my dad had had his sh*T together in his life I could have probably inherited an 800 acre cattle ranch and been living there now, ha! I know it's not peaceful and is a hard life, LOL, but when they are just grazing, it's a peaceful feeling to me. My half sis is same, she's like we could have just both had our own houses on 800 acres and had coffee together in the mornings, LOL. But, she now actually does live on a ranch in Canada - but it's a buffalo ranch!


  1. We have a big carved bear with jeans & suspenders & a cowboy hat!
    He's our "security". lol
    There's a guy about 10 miles from us that does the carving. (East coast here)
    He does bears,eagles,outdoor furniture,signs etc.
    Hopefully you can find someone like that. :)

    1. Our neighbors have one at their front door and he gets seasonal hats and things put on him, LOL

  2. I love watching calves, lambs, baby goats, chicks and especially foals. I cannot imagine myself living at a ranch though. I am a city dweller. I hope, you will be able to get rid of the campers soon.

    1. there is also a horse ranch next to the cattle ranch, but we don't often see foals very often, but the horses sure are pretty.

  3. I wonder if next year a chain across two posts would keep people off that property. Maybe a lock with lots of keys for people who need in there could help.

    1. Its Forest Service land so open to public use but camping only allowed 16 days out of 30