Thursday, April 29, 2021

Monitors, benefits and birds

A couple nights ago, right before I was going to bed (it's always right before I'm going to bed!) one of dh's computer monitors started flashing. Not too long later it went black and then so did his 2nd monitor. I took a few minutes trying to figure out why, if one monitor was going bad, both weren't working. Then it dawned on me (as soon as he walked out of the den and I didn't have to listen to him complaining!) that the dead monitor was hooked up as the "main" monitor, so I couldn't see the sign in screen (he had tried turning his computer off and back on). I unplugged the dead monitor and then his other monitor came right back to life. So, at least one still works. Yesterday I double checked that dead monitor on my computer and it doesn't work, so in the garbage it went.

I decided to order him one just like the new ones my boss had sent me 2-3 months ago, as I remembered when she sent me the screen shot of them, they were only $110 (Amazon) - and they are really nice! Well, already they are apparently an "old" model and either not available anywhere or $200+.  I ended up ordering him, what I guess is the "newer" model version of this monitor, for $129. I think/hope between the half dozen different monitor cables I ended up with, I have one hand what will work with this new monitor and his computer, without ordering another one. I have cables I already had (those pin kind, one with blue ends, one with white), I have 2 of the ones my boss ordered with my monitors that weren't right for my computer, and also I think the monitors came with a different style. Hopefully, I'm right this time. From what I know plugs into the back of his computer and what is showing for the monitor (and looks same as my monitors) I have 2 different ones that either will work. I know he has liked having 2 monitors again, so the new one is supposed to be here mid next week.

I still needed to get my employee benefits enrollment done. We were supposed to have until the end of this week and I didn't end up  getting time to call Monday. Then they changed it to end of day yesterday.  I called yesterday morning and they had to reset dh as my dependent, so I could add him to various benefit options and see what my costs are. I didn't figure I would end up adding him, but at least wanted to see what it cost. I did end up changing myself to our HSA plan. My company will contribute $600 a year to it and at this time I also opted to start contributing $600 a year. I did some research and can use the money for any medical expenses dh might incur, so I think it's a smart move, especially getting the free $600 from my employer each year.

I also debated on if I should add some more voluntary life insurance to the $50k I already have through my employer. I do have a term life plan that I've been paying on for quite a few years, separate from what my employer offers, but with our increased mortgage amount, more would be better, at this point. I added $100k more.

My boss had also included her her email to everyone about the enrollment period, that there will no longer be short term and long term disability, as now it is covered with the state's FMLA act. I emailed last week to ask her if that applies to me, also, living out of state. She never replied back, so I asked her again yesterday morning. She said good question. She will check, but she thought I would not now be covered under STD, so add it as a voluntary option and they will reimburse me for it. I'm not the only one who lives out of state. We have 2 or 3 who live across the stateline border from our Eastern office and then there are 3 of us who live in different states, in other areas of the US and work remotely. 

Pup is doing well. He kept wanting to play ball yesterday and wasn't understanding why we wouldn't throw it for him. At least that's a good sign he was feeling better. He's eating normal.

Today is supposed to get to 73 degrees, our warmest day so far this spring. Sounds like it will be a good day for eating dinner out on our new patio dining set. The welder guy came by after work on Tuesday to see what dh needs for the gate and of course is getting right on it. He complimented dh on his very nice green lawn and wanted to know what dh uses on it. DH couldn't remember off the top of his head what it is, so I looked it up and wrote down what it is and where to get it and he texted it to him. We live on a 2 lane "highway" that runs out in front of us (and our street runs parallel to it) and cars and trucks will be going by (speed limit is 60) and some literally practically come to a stop when they get in front of our house (there's not much traffic on it, so usually no one is behind them, LOL). DH is always like what in the world! We put the birdbath back out on the patio yesterday. No bird friends back yet to it, though there are quite a few birds back, now.


  1. So glad to hear the pup is doing better today and eating well. Thats a GOOD sign... I would love to have a bird bath but my dogs would be going nuts with it.. We have SO MANY mocking birds in our yard in the trees and they are nasty little buggers. Last year one of my small dogs was walking through the yard and a mocking swopped down on him not once but twice and bopped him in the butt two times!..LOL My poor dog was looking around like what the?!?!

    1. oh geez! I don't know if we have those birds in my area, I'll have to look at my bird book.

  2. Good to hear that your dog is doing better and eating. The weather got better and warmer over here too. So, during the lockdown, I will try to use the balcony more often.

    1. That's too bad you are in lockdown again. When I'm in my own county here (or the county to the north, where the vet is) it's starting to feel like normal life again. Masks not required, but everyone (ourselves included) do try to stay 6' away