Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday stops

Yesterday couldn't decided if it's winter or spring. Frost in the morning. Then sun, then clouds, then rain, then snow. then sun and snow, LOL. I was just about done vacuuming yesterday and dh wanted to run into the town lumber store, so I went with. He bought 4 concrete blocks with posts, 2 lag bolts and a bag of quickcrete. I'm pretty sure he had told me awhile back what he was using them for but I wasn't listening so I didn't ask again. Figure I'll find out when he uses them, LOL. Whatever it is he didn't do anything with them after we got home.

As he got out to open up our gate, we heard a loud shot. Then 9 more in fairly rapid succession. Again coming from down river, where the night before were 3 shots at 11pm. As we had pulled in our street I had seen Mrs. outside in their dog kennel as we drove by to our driveway. She must have heard, too. Later dh chatted with Mr. and he said he wasn't home and Mrs didn't hear. But, I guess she did hear the first few as she was walking back inside their house.

I had talked to my mom yesterday morning, she called to ask if I was doing her taxes. I have already done them, but hadn't even mentioned it, figuring if she remembers about them great, if not, that's fine too. I told her I was coming to see her tomorrow, probably be there around 10:30. Later, she calls me after lunch and says are you on your way or is that tomorrow? I'll give her a call when I'm on my way this morning and see if I can stop and pick her up anything at the store. Of course she's going to say "oh, I can't think of anything". I'm not going to take the time to take her out today. I only plan on visiting with her for about an hour and I want to make sure her meds are filled up and any mail she has gone through. I'm also going to give her back her check register and just not worry about it. My response will be to tell her to log into her bank online and get the transactions from there and stop stressing about it. The problem is every time she needs help logging online. Our bank will not store the user name, but it will store the password (dumb) so no matter how many times I write it down for her, she doesn't know where it is and she won't leave it out or taped to her computer because someone could steal it.

Ok, I'm back from my trip to see mom. She didn't even mention her tax return and I gave her back her checkbook register. Then before I was leaving I was logging into her bank account to show her it balance with it and for some reason it made me change her password, so we decided to put her log in ID on a note under her clear desk pad (not that she'll remember it's there). Then she said well, why would I need to get online with it much? I said to keep your register up to date and look up the transactions and she said well, I should just let you keep doing it. Yay! LOL. So, I have it back.

The garden center I stopped at was awesome. So much stuff! I'll be back. Most of it was outside of course and I'm just walking around in a sweater. Others the same, even flip flops. I'm like how can the temp be 34 degrees (it was sunny) and we're all just walking around not cold? I guess I acclimated now, haha.

I stopped at TJ Maxx and got a new small frying pan and a broom. Try the new pan and see if dh stops complaining his egg sandwiches taste weird.  At least Walmart didn't short me what I ordered to make an easy dinner tonight - deli sliced roast beef and sandwich rolls to make french dip sandwiches. Yum!

I'm pooped. I'm not one who can shop for very long in the best of situations, so after a 45 minute drive and 6 stops at various places, then a 45 min drive home is tiring to me. Stops: TJ Maxx, Walgreens (for my mom's things she wanted), then my mom's place, then Home Depot (no luck in finding a navy patio table umbrella), then Walmart (35 minute wait for them to bring my order out!), then the garden center, about 10 minutes from there).

At the garden center I also picked up a flowering plant to plant in memory of our sweet dog we lost.

Nap time!


  1. Eleven shots? What on earth are they doing? I saw navy umbrellas at Lowe's. I no longer shop without exhaustion! It is good your mother is letting you keep the register. I suppose she is giving up on logging in to her account. What kind of plant did you get YOUR DOG. That is a great variety of weather for one day.

    1. I had looked at Lowe's online and hardly came up with anything, so I just looked again and now see what I am looking for. I must have had something off in my search. The plan I got is a Blue Ice Bog Rosemary. I just kept looking at their plant tags and everything I was looking at got so big. Then I saw this one, which seemed more medium sized. Hopefully it will live.