Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday what not

I bought a new Calphalon small frying pan the other day and so far so good. I really want to find a new big saute pan with lid. The one I have has been annoying me for quite some time. The inside isn't flat, it domes up a bit in the middle, so if you pour oil or water in, it all runs to the sides. And anything I cook in there sticks/overcooks/burns if it's in the middle of the pan. I make this Birdseye skillet meal quite often and I have to keep the food out of the middle or it will stick and overcook. But, every pan I read reviews on (expensive ones, too) say this is an issue. Anyone out there have a big saute pan with a lid that they like and doesn't do this?

The internet is down at the office this morning, so I can't do any work yet. But, at least I can get the updates on what is going on with it from our Teams app on my computer. I tried logging in twice, then checked to make sure I have internet, then went to our Technology channel in Teams and saw the message.

I think DH is going to figure out what he wants to buy for the automatic gate opener today. Not so much that he minds getting out of the car to open and close, but when the wind blows the gates push out a bit, even though they stay latched. Plus, I'd really like to start riding my bike to the mailbox and not having to get off and open the gate every time to do it. I guess I should be using this work down time this morning to get the patio table umbrella ordered. I did find navy blue ones online with both Home Depot and Lowes. I also need to call Home Depot credit card. I'm very confused. When I ordered the patio set online it had an option to open a credit card and save $50. So, I did, but the $50 did not come off the total. I thought well maybe it will be a separate credit on the statement. I keep logging into the credit card and the charge is still not showing. There's a pending, because the available credit has reduced by the purchase, but still not showing as a charge. And I have the patio set! When I look at my order history (not through the credit card) it's showing as still in transit and supposed to be here tomorrow!

We had not heard any shooting from across in a week, but I guess we jinxed it. I was telling dd this and dh was texting Mr. Neighbor the same thing and then there were 4 shots. It was probably 5 as I thought I heard something a bit earlier, too. Another neighbor who lives about a mile down, told Mr. Neighbor yesterday that he saw the FS at that campsite for about 20 minutes, so sounds like they are trying to work on the problem.

DH has a mystery to solve and I think he set up his game camera last night, haha. He keeps adding pine cones to fill in the driveway island and he swears they keep getting moved, so he wants to see who is doing it, LOL. It seems like they are too big for the chipmunks we have around and we don't ever see squirrels. Probably some birds.

Oh, and in other news my mom called yesterday morning, a bit confused. She asked if she was dreaming it or did I say I was coming to visit her today? I said no, I was there on Sunday, but not coming today and she said ya, I think I must have dreamt it. Then she told me that her guy friend called it off. She said he didn't say why, but that's ok, she said. I told her probably just better to be friends anyway.  Who knows but my guess would be he realized how bad her memory is and how hard that would make having a normal relationship with someone. Or maybe some other lady caught his eye there, LOL.


  1. FS?

    Men are at a premium in nursing homes. Women greatly outnumber the men, so he probably has his choice of women.

    Glad you found a navy umbrella. From the umbrellas I have bought, Lowe's seems to have sturdy ones that don't break in the wind. Probably HD, too.

    1. FS - Forest Service, the camper is on FS land and they are the one's who are going to have to take care of this mess. Hopefully soon!

  2. Sounds like your mum's guyfriend is playing the field!
    maybe it makes him feel young!

    1. I'm not sure what is going on, now she said they didn't "break up" LOL