Monday, April 26, 2021

No rest for the weary

I ordered my mom a cardigan sweater and pretty top (hopefully right size!). It was free shipping code, but wouldn't come for 6-8 days, so I opted for the 3 day shipping and only had to pay the difference above the free shipping credit, so like $9, which is ok.  DD is sending her a pretty bouquet of flowers. I know my uncle will also call her on her birthday, for sure. When he used to teach, when it was my grandparents (his parents) birthdays he would always call and have his whole class (he taught community college accounting) sing happy birthday, LOL.

Dh worked on getting the brackets attached to the gate for the opener, and I helped him a bit with holding stuff. But, apparently he's going to need something made/welded for it, so this morning he called the welder guy who made the brackets for us.

Today he is out working in the bridge, installing the floor and railing pieces, that are now dry. Practically overnight our lawn turned green and grew like crazy. He will definitely have to do some mowing this week. 

The neighbors son's dogs will not go home until next weekend. Their DIL and 4 kids are all visiting again for a week. Saturday they all went somewhere together for the day (probably to go look at the property they just bought) and somehow, when the other neighbors hyper dog got loose and came for a visit, those dogs went ballistic and somehow 4 out of the 5 were out of their locked gate! DH got 2 of them back in right away and of course the other 2 took for for who knows where. Thankfully they came back pretty quickly and dh got them inside and made sure the gate was shut. Not sure how it got opened. DH is guessing one of the little boys accidentally left it unlatched and the dogs (and adults) didn't realize it, until the other dog showed up and jumping and barking ensued. It was chaos for a little bit there, LOL. From what Mr and Mrs tell us, it's always chaos with the 4 little boys there. Mrs said this time she put away a bunch of her breakables in a closet. When the mom takes them outside for some play time it's constant screaming and almost always one of them is crying and she pretty much just sits there on her phone.

Tomorrow we will be up early and out the door by 6:50 to go to the vets. Praying he's able to remove all of it, if the tumor is cancerous. They new arthritis medicine is working so good for him. I'm not ready to lose him yet, too. We will have to be there a couple of hours, it sounds like, since he has to be anesthetized. The vet said he was only taking him as a patient for the morning, so he can get done as quick as possible.

While the gun shooter across the river/up on the other hill seems to have finally taken a break lately, the one down river has amped it up. Go figure.


  1. I wish the best for your dog. I am sure your mother will love a sweater. Maybe you could take a peek at her clothing tags to see what size she wears now. The mother probably stays on the phone when the kids are indoors, too.

  2. Oh I pray they can get everything tomorrow at the vet.. I can't handle losing dogs.. I've lost so many and whether it's mine or someone else's my heart just breaks.... If I had enough property and lots of money I'd buy a farm with tons of acreage and take in tons of dogs... Please let us know how it goes at the vet.. XO

  3. Oh my Chaos at the OK Corral - and none of it of your making. I feel for you, I really do. And good luck at the vet's tomorrow!