Saturday, June 20, 2020

Weekend relaxing

Glad for the weekend to be here. The week went by so fast but for some reason working yesterday seemed to drag on. I did figure out an IT problem all by myself. It was caused by our IT switching me to that new server to log in to. I didn't realize that by setting up the accounting software on the new server I lost my "web connection" to 2 apps I use to integrate outside data into the accounting software. And it was popping up an error message, but apparently everyone gets the error message when the sign on to the server or something, so it's annoying everyone. IT wanted to disconnect the "web connection" altogether and I'm like NO, I use that all the time. The IT guy was trying to figure it out. I was trying to re-add the 2 apps I use and the first one we were trying to add wasn't working. I got off the phone with our IT guy and tried to add the other app, which worked, so then I knew it wasn't a problem on the accounting software side. I tried to get tech help from the support of the other app but they had to refer me to another department and would be 24 hours.  A few hours later I had a thought. That app is still attached to my old desktop copy of our accounting software. I think it can only work on one computer at a time. I logged in my old version, deleted it, and then was able to add it to my new version. IT guy was happy it was resolved.

DH and I were out sitting on the front patio last night. We got up for a few minutes to  tend to one of our recently planted flowering shrubs. Came back to sit down and there was a snake right at the front door! I'm sure it was a garter snake, but it was a good 2 1/2 feet long. EWWW! My friend who gave me the chickens texted me back, throw it in with the chickens! No. Not gonna happen. Then I'll have to clean it out of there once they killed it. Just no. LOL.

Since I was just at my mom's on Thursday and will be going back next Thurs I'm going to try to take this weekend off from making the trip for a visit. More than likely something will come up where I'll need to go in to see her for something anyway, before Thursday, so I'm not making a special trip this weekend. I think today is her day to eat meals in the dining room, so if she at least goes for lunch and dinner that will keep her busy today. I need a couple of days to recharge.

I'm also taking the whole week off, week after next. I was just going to take Mon and Tues 6/29 and 6/30 off, as I'll have my mom here and she has her regular dr. appt on the 30th, but my boss said I should just take the rest of the week off, as Friday the office is closed for 4th of July holiday. So, I'm just going to do that. I haven't had a full week off in quite some time and certainly have more than enough vacation days on the books.

DH's friend had told him what lawn fertilizer he uses, so I had picked up 2 50# bags at a co-op store after I left my mom's Thursday. He got the lawn mowed and applied it all yesterday, so hopefully that will help. 

Well, I need to go take a walk to the mailbox this morning to leave something to go out, before the mail is delivered. It comes pretty early most days.

Oh and a funny while we were sitting out front yesterday, our neighbor down at the end of the street came home pulling a little uhaul trailer. DH, being nosy, haha, wonders what that is for. Then about half hour later he pulls out. We wave, but dh kind of throws his arms up like what the heck? are ya moving?! I said I'll bet they are helping someone move and got the uhaul and just stopped at home for a bit. A minute later he gets a text from the wife "you're not getting rid of us. LOL. We're helping my mom move". 


  1. I am totally lost when it comes to anything IT. Glad you were able to figure it out!

    I don't mind snakes, use to catch them in 3rd grade. Luckily they were all garter snakes.

    1. Nope nope nope on the snakes, LOL. I never even liked looking at them through the glass at a zoo.

  2. Staying home so much with the restrictions, I sure do lots notice more about other peoples comings and goings. I guess I have become really nosy and snoopy. I would have freaked out with the snake.

  3. Eewww I'm with you on the snake. I don't care how harmless it is. Just nope!

  4. If I saw that snake, someone would be picking me up off the ground!

  5. The chickens would eat the snake! There would be nothing left for you.