Monday, June 22, 2020

Monday mood

I have to admit, I've waited to call my mom a little after lunch the past 2 days. Then I know she is past her morning "I just don't feel well" and good to go, LOL. She's doing well. She knows she has a doctor appointment coming up but does have to keep asking me when. I'm sure she's written it down each time. And she kind of seems like she doesn't exactly remember why she's going. And then when I remind her she also has an appt on the 30th with a primary care dr. she seems to not remember that until I remind her. BUT, she sure is remembering that she is coming to stay at my house for several days! Too funny. She has left the bandage on, thank goodness. She also mentioned there was a notice that Bingo is staring up twice a week, so the thinks that sounds fun. It says "bring your dimes" so we will have to get her some dimes :)  She also wants a hat to wear to take walks or sit outside. She can't find any of her hats she used to have for golfing. I'll have to dig a bit through her stuff, I'm sure she has one or two somewhere. If not, we'll go buy her a new one.

I tweaked my neck on Saturday and it still hurts. We were looking way up at the beam up in our back patio where the birds keep trying to build a nest, and DH takes his leaf blower every day and blows down the twigs they get started. I was holding my neck way back for quite some time looking up while he was blowing. Then he wanted me to fix his tv out in the shop (it has my old Firestick) and it's way up high, so I had my neck bent back for awhile going through the menus. I have a messed up neck from a car accident years ago so I should not have done that. Wish it would stop hurting now and hope it goes away soon.

The microwave cart I ordered for my mom delivered to my house today. I told DH no rush to put together as I won't take it to her place until next Tuesday, but of course he's putting it together right away. A ton of pieces! and went I commented that, he says "ya...did you look at it when you ordered it?" I'm like well, ya. a picture of it put together. How am I to know how many pieces it has? So, now he's mad at me because it's so hard to put together and so many pieces. It's on wheels, so once he gets it in the back of my car on Tuesday, I should be able to slide it out and down on it's wheels in the parking lot and then just wheel it into my mom's place.

It's finally warmer today. 80 degrees. My chickens just seem to be spending the day up inside on their perch. But, my half sister, who is very chicken experienced, just says they are probably just hanging out there because it's warm out. 

I didn't do any MTurks the past 2 weeks (well, like $2 worth). Between work and time off to take my mom to the dr twice, etc, I just haven't had the focus to do it. I did manage to do $12.50 today and will try to get back into the routine of it.

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