Wednesday, June 10, 2020


My computer is annoying me. Last week it was the fan running fast and noisy, which for whatever reason has been fine this week, but also about the same time my web browsing started getting really slow and still is. It's driving me crazy. I will take like 5-10 seconds to load most pages. A check of my internet speed shows it's normal. I tried 2 other browsers and they are doing the same thing. DH computer is fine (thank God!) but the weird part is my computer is hooked up directly to the modem, his works off wi-fi, so supposedly mine should be working a little faster/more reliable. I have no idea what to do to try to get it back to normal. Of course I've tried restarting my computer. Last week I tried unplugging the modem/router and restarting it.  This computer is only like 3 months old, it shouldn't be having problems.

I really don't use other programs on my computer, other than Firefox to access the internet. I did just try to open Excel and a file and it was very fast to open. It just seems to be the internet.

ohhhh. I just logged out of my vpn for work to see and it seems back to normal - so apparently being logged into vpn is slowing it down. I have never had that problem until this past week. Wonder why. Well, at least now I know what is causing it, just wish I knew why, especially since I've been on VPN for years and never had an issue with my internet speed. I leave my "personal" desktop of websites open (like my side job email, for instance, and MTurks) and often throughout the day I will minimize my VPN screen and look at my personal stuff I have open on Firefox, check my emails, etc, and it's never been slow until this past week. I did a speed test with my VPN logged on and it came out virtually the same as being logged out of VPN, so why is it taking 10 seconds to load web pages?

I haven't ordered anything online for a few weeks, as I didn't want to order anything to be delivered while we were having the driveway prepped and then paved. Then the week delay in between. Well, finally I placed some orders yesterday. A bunch of hooks DH wanted from Lowes to hang stuff in the garage. Some new light bulbs from Home Depot. Another frustrating thing: we have LED bulbs in our kitchen recessed can lights. They are already going out. 3 have gone out in the last couple of weeks. The Home Depot page for this particular brand (Ecosmart) says they are supposed to last 10 years with 3 hours a day use. We certainly don't have them on for more than 3 hours. Of course no receipts for the ones put in as they were installed by our electricians, but I'm keeping the receipt for this dozen I am replacing them with.

I also ordered toner cartridges for my printer. Those are so expensive and I used to get them through work (they gave me printer) but between no one in the office to order/send me one, and that I really used most of the toner accidentally printing off mom's 100 pages of chart notes, LOL, I'll pay for it. I decided to try an off brand from Amazon that has lots of good reviews and it's a 2 pack, for $20 (had $3 coupon to check the box for). If I had brought the Brother brand it would have been like $50 or $60, just for one. That's really one of my pet peeves that the stupid ink costs as much as the printer.  There is apparently no such thing as Amazon Prime 2 day delivery to my area anymore. It's free shipping, but most stuff is taking 5-7 days now. DD and I share an account and her address is the default and will show 2 days but change it to my address and nope. She ordered something to send her dad for his birthday recently and thought she had time to get it here in time, but then when she put our address it was delayed.

My mom called yesterday evening as she couldn't get her tv to work. Ugh. I don't know what is wrong. Usually she just pushes the tv on button on the Spectrum remote and it comes on, but now it gives some message about "no connection" and something about source. I'm guessing she pushed a wrong button, but I don't know how to tell her over the phone. She might have to just call downstairs and see if they can send someone up to help her/take a look at it.

And one of the banks my side job uses is no longer letting me access the accounts online. I called the help ph# and was told I am not listed on the account as a signer or have access. Weird! My side job boss logged in and says it shows she gave me account permissions back when it was opened. My boss thought I was a signer on this one, too, but I looked back through emails over a year ago when she opened this account and I don't think I was added on this one. She tried to log in with my user id and password from her computer and didn't work either. So, she put an email into her banker and we're still waiting to hear.


  1. I am not impressed with LED bulbs at all. We bought a new light for the bathroom a few years ago and all those burned out so I bought 4 new bulbs less than a year ago and now one of those has burned out already. I had an LED light on my aquarium that lasted maybe 6 months. I threw the thing away and bought a new hood with fluorescent bulbs. My overhead kitchen light is also LED. We bought that about 2 years ago. So far it’s working. It better keep working because it wasn’t cheap!

    1. all our shop lights are LED (commercial grade) that are supposed to last like 20 years with normal use. They better! They were expensive and are way high up to have to replace.

  2. Our garage lights are LED. I had forgotten about those. They’ve been up several years and so far so good. Luckily we got the fixtures and bulbs free. A contractor left them in one of dh’s stores. They called the guy repeatedly to come and get them over a year or so and he never did so Dh finally took them. And yes, I recall Dh saying they were very expensive.

  3. My led lights last for several years. I love them. I forgot which brand I bought, but it was at Lowe's. However, I have enough incandescent to last me the rest of my life.