Sunday, July 7, 2019

Weekend catch up

Where has this weekend gone? The 4th was quiet, though we did hear a little bit of fireworks from somewhere nearby. We finished getting some closet shelves up in the entryway coat closet and the two upstairs bedroom closets. DH just used plywood and then  trimmed the front with leftover alder trim and stained it all. (this was woodworker guys suggestion) Looks nice.

Friday morning I went to Walmart and picked up my grocery order. Target was having a good sale on soda. Spend $15, get a $5 gift card and there was a Target Carthweel offer for 25% off. Did you know you can now use Cartwheel offers with online orders that you pick up at the store? And with the 5% off using my Red card, it came to $2.30 a 12 pack. I bought 4 (to get to the $15 threshold), picked them up and put in my car. Went back inside the store, to buy more. They were having a in-store price, even cheaper (than their order pickup price) by $1 ea. I bought 4 more. These one's came to $1.60 each. After I got my car washed and picked up my Walmart order, I got an email with my $5 giftcard from the order pick up. Plus I had the $5 one from the in-store purchase. I decided this price was too good and best to stock up, since DH drinks so much. I stopped back in, bought 4 more and used my $10 in gift cards towards it. Paying $3.24 out of pocket and getting another $5 gift card. I'm hoping I don't have to buy soda until their next big sale.

While I was at Target I also picked up a couple of t-shirts for me. They were on sale for $5 each and I really need some new shirts. These kind of had a print to them, v-neck and extra long and a bit loose, which I like.

After getting the shelves done DH was looking at this old mirror I have had since as long as I can remember. It's not framed and has a beveled edge, but there is a chip out of one corner. Not something we wanted to use anymore. He improvised and made it into this! Love it.

Yesterday morning the appraiser came and got that done. DH took a nap while I made my 4 cheese and bacon mac and cheese to take to a potluck bbq we were going to in the afternoon. Just as we were getting ready to leave our neighbor who live about a mile down the road called DH. They are out of town, their son is at work all day and the person they had lined up to let their dogs outside for a break bailed on them. Could we run over and let them out for a few minutes? The keys in the bin by the shop door, LOL. We let them out, played fetch and let them get their energy out for a bit.

The BBQ was fun and good food. Ribs, salmon and pulled pork, along with sides everyone brought. I knew a few people there, DH knew a few more, mostly guys from when he got the rock for our rockery. So, I got to meet them and their wives.

My mom's boyfriend emailed about her doctor visit. Of course she didn't remember to tell me about the main take-away from the visit! Doctor wants to reduce her dosage of Paxil by half. Her BF is concerned that the doctor really needs to do a complete review all her medicines she takes, especially the two for anxiety/depression, which can possibly have cognitive side effects in elderly, and the effects of reducing, before she actually reduces it, right away, so that is the visit in a month. He's also thinking the meds may be why she has days she doesn't feel well. She describes those days (usually mornings) to me as she just doesn't feel very good. In his email her BF described it as she just seems lethargic and tired, which he thinks might be from the meds. I'm glad he's going with her. He sees her regularly, so he will be able to give the doctor better feedback than I could on how she is. I'm also guessing that it's possible she doesn't feel well some days, because she is getting more forgetful and that is probably confusing. I'm sure that would lead one to feel out of sorts. Whether it's the medicines causing that, is what I think they need to figure out. But, getting off one (or both) of the anxiety meds, probably isn't easy, since she's been on them for almost 10 years.

We are having a quiet day today. So far, DH is just taking it easy. He went back to bed, to rest some more. Our neighbors have been having various guests all week. We thought they said they were hosting a family member's wedding reception, but we haven't seen a "party" there yet, which I assumed would have been yesterday. DH was outside last night and talked to them a bit when they were out moving some sprinklers. Several days last week two different guys were storing their fishing boats in their driveway. They'd come and pick them up (different times), bring them back. Sometimes twice a day. Neighbors told DH that's ended. Some friends of the neighbor guy, who thought they were going to get to park their boats here all summer and apparently also camp whenever they wanted. Neighbors told them nope, sorry.


  1. it's good you neighbor put an end to perpetual guests.

    1. it was good of them. Some folks just seem to have no problem taking advantage of good people's hospitality.

  2. Good buy on the pop. I like to stock up when I see a good deal, too. Your DH did a fantastic job on the mirror. Looks perfect for your house!

    1. He's really happy with how the mirror turned out.