Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Good news day

Surprise good news yesterday. We are getting our mid year bonus! I guess I was actually more surprised a couple weeks ago when my boss told me they were not going to pay it out. As I mentioned before, earlier in the year, after the yearly sales goals were already set, the owners made a huge change to our product line. So, really there was no way we were going to hit that level of gross sales (though might come closer in commission revenue on those gross sales). Didn't really seem fair to me, but I'm not the decision maker. So, now they have decided we will get the bonus, which seems more in line with what they should do. We are making the sales goal of the new product line, it's just a lower volume (but higher commission % rate) than the other product line. It's a nice relief to know we are getting the bonus now, especially when the owners can give themselves and the 4 minority owners (upper mgmt) bonus's. Just the two owner bonus's are almost as much as the whole employees bonus combined. Not to mention, the new product company is giving us a guarantee for this first year, almost at what we were getting from the old product company, so we aren't losing anything.

With our new payroll company there are some discounts we can get through them. One supposedly being a discount with cell phone companies. It looks like I might be getting a 15% discount on my cell phone bill, though I'm probably not understanding the fine print very well. I can't quite figure out if it's 15% on the whole bill or just the access charge part, or if it includes the data part of the bill. I registered my account on it. We'll see. Looks like it could be between $6 and $11 a month discount, based on my bill/plan.

DH got another little project done. He finally found his rusted logging type chain packed away in a bin....because he doesn't throw away much. So, we decided to use them as rain chains on the front porch. That's exactly what I wanted and best of all, didn't cost us anything. He thinks they were chain his dad had given him, years ago.

I joked that now we needed some rain to see them work. About an hour later it just started dumping rain, for about 10 minutes. They work, but DH does need to do a bit of tweaking somehow, up at the top. There's a  little short spout coming out from the gutter and he hooked the chain up into that, but part of the water falls out in a stream next to the chain, part of it runs down the chain, like it's supposed to. He's not sure yet how/if he can adjust it any. A friend of ours commented - they will look neat in the spring, when icicles form down them.

DH isn't feeling too well today. I'm not feeling exactly right myself. I woke up during the night feeling nauseous. And since I've been up, I keep feeling off balance, like maybe that vertigo is going to hit me again (it's been since last November that I had that episode with it). I hope not.


  1. It's about time for some good news at your place.

  2. Ha, I had to look up "rain chain" as I had never heard of them, but they are lovely aren't they! It's giving me ideas!!! And yes congratulations on your bonus - but hope you and DH feel better soon!

    1. I had a facebook friend who didn't know what it is either. I told her to google "rain chain" images, LOL. There are a lot of neat ones. The first time I saw them was several years ago, a local hardware/garden store had them. Then some friends had them at their house (chains like we used).

  3. Make sure the gutter can handle the continual weight, especially with ice.