Monday, July 15, 2019

The waiting game

First thing on my agenda for this morning was a call to our telephone/internet company's tech help line. They are still working on it, but so far the guy seems pretty knowledgeable. sound like it might be some settings they can change on their end, remotely, to fix the issue. He is also familiar with this Google Mesh wi-fi system the electricians installed, as he has it, too. He logged into our modem/router and said he can see that it is still basically on and trying to compete for an IP address with the google system, which is what is most likely causing our issues. I told him that the google wi-fi system app I now have on my phone also shows a system message that I have a problem: it looks like there is another device on your network acting as a DCHP server. This may impact the ability of your devices to connect to the internet.  He said, yes, that would be the modem, with settings still turned on that need to be changed.

He had me text him a picture of our media panel "box" (where the electricians moved their modem/router to, as well as put one of the google devices (he calls them "pucks").

He's going to call me back (he needs some input from another tech) with some instructions to walk me through changing something on my end, so I am waiting for that call.  I did ask him if he sees a problem with that modem/router being inside that little media panel and he said no, because basically part of it (I'm not sure if its the modem part or the router part) is turned off and not functioning anymore (because the google devices are doing the job in place of it) so it can be inside there, no problem.  I also explained to him that wi-fi out to the shop is still spotty. It will sometimes work for a bit and then switch our phones back to LTE. He said that is most likely also being caused by the google system competing with an IP address with their modem/router, so once he fixes the settings, that should also fix the wi-fi connectivity issue out there.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I texted him the photo over an hour ago now....grrrr! He probably moved on to another "ticket" to work on, while he was waiting for the other tech he needed help from to get off of his call. I guess I'll give him a bit more time and then text him back to follow up, make sure he received the picture I texted.

I've emailed the guy who has DH's external hard drive twice now, to ask for an update. No reply. He's had it over a month now, and had told me 2-3 weeks. Not in a big hurry for it, but he could at least respond to my email with an updated ETA. I guess I'll have to call him....not today, though. I'm at my limit of talking on the phone, today, already, LOL.


  1. Fingers crossed that the new guy can get you up and running.

  2. All this with your problem makes my head spin. I gave a guy my computer to fix in Dec 2016. I still don't have it back. Yes, the police are involved.

  3. I texted the guy back and he said they were testing a few scenarios on their test bench and would be getting back to me. So, now I'm thinking it's not as simple fix as he first thought. Still waiting, LOL.

  4. No kidding, just a few minutes ago I wrote a blog post about waiting...only mine is for a released check. I hope your wait is much shorter than mine!

    1. I want to take a walk and go get the mail, but I know he'd call back then...or he's going to call when I have a phone meeting for work in a couple hours, haha.

    2. Isn't that way it ALWAYS works? Lol