Saturday, May 25, 2013

Yard stuff

Not much going on around here this long weekend. The weather is terrible so we will be indoors and since I don't get paid until next Friday, there really isn't any extra money to spend on going and doing anything or on something for a house project.  I got quite a bit of the extra from the next paychecks (side jobs pay me too) earmarked for more landscaping supplies.  We have a block retaining wall in back to finish up, we need another hose and sprinkler and flowers for all the barrels and pots.

This is the area DH and DS have been working to clear out the past month. It's looking nice, I think. We've been calling this area "the park" :-) With all the overgrowth it had we had kind of forgot about the little bird feeder hanging from one of the trees. It's now filled with wild bird seed.

I especially like the old fallen tree with all the moss on it and all the ferns growing.

This is what the area looked like before

Our neighbor continues to work on his yard too! He's mowed his lawn more times in the past few weeks than all last year, LOL. He put some nice stone circle borders around all his apple trees. All but one or two of the 75 little thuja trees we planted last fall are growing great and look healthy. The ground cover we planted a few weeks ago is slowly starting to spread out. My only problem is the hydrangea bush we planted is all droopy. I need to do some research and figure that one out. I bought DH a new scoop shovel and a hoe last week, so he now has a hoe for the first time, haha.


  1. Ah, a wife who is supportive of the relationship between her hubby and his hoe...... ;-)

  2. Looks fantastic! Love the look of the moss on the log, too! Maybe you guys are motivating the neighbor since you're sprucing up your property - he wants to the the same! We had a deep freeze last night (seriously - it's May 24!!!). But thankfully we hadn't bought our hanging flower baskets yet! Love hydrangeas! Do you ever dry them and then use them in a project (for like a door wreath?). Enjoy the weekend - even just relaxing!

    1. Susie Q - I've never had a hydrangea before, so not sure what I will do with the flowers. It's just a small plant with a few flowers on it right now, so will wait until it gets bigger to pick the flowers. I always remember a huge bush at my babysitters front yard when I was a kid. I want to get a Lilac bush too to plant somewhere. Love the smell of them!