Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lots done

It was a productive Saturday around here yesterday. The sun was out and made for a great day. In the morning I went and bought a sprinkler (we only have one for a 5000 sq ft lawn) and then grocery shopping. DH wanted 2 of them, but the sprinkler said it would cover up to 3900 sq ft. It was $20 and I though it would cover most of the back yard. Not even close! Maybe if we moved it around 5 times while watering - haha! But DH liked all the settings it has, so decided to keep it. Our lawn is looking like a bit like it's "under construction" at the moment. It got all thatched last week, which makes for an ugly looking lawn for a couple of weeks, I guess. DH (or I should say DS did the work) got some lime and weed and feed applied. There is an area in the front where the dogs pee and ruined the grass, so the guys put up some poultry fencing around it and reseeded that area and reseeded an area in the back that got pretty much killed from some really hot weather we had last summer and didn't really come back to life much.

I spent an hour or so pulling weeds from all the red rock areas around the house, where all our flowers and plants are. All the thuja trees we planted last fall are growing great and I love just walking down the property line to see how they are growing. Then I helped the guys repaint my window boxes and get them put back up. We pulled them down when we had the house painted a year and a half ago and never got them put back up. The cedar boxes were white and pretty bad looking, but a coat of the dark brown paint to match the trim spruced them right up. I can't wait to plant flowers, but that will have to wait until the end of the month - no money left in this paycheck, that's for sure.

You know those Lowe's commercials where doing work on your house/yard inspires all your neighborhood to do the same? Well, we at least inspired one neighbor! Our "good" neighbor to the left of us is just a single guy about our age who has never done much with his yard. He has some lawn area out front, but only mows it if its getting really long. Most of the time DH just mows it for him while he's out doing our yard. He has a few apple trees next to the fence between us. Well last weekend he actually got out there and did a bunch of tree trimming and mowed his lawn. He had a huge pile of branches loaded on his little flat bed trailer. Well, the other day, before he got home from work, DH and DS went over there with the wood chipper and chipped it all up for him. He drove up just as they were getting finished and was so surprised and happy he almost cried. He said he was taking Friday off as a vacation day just so he could get that all taken to the dump, which probably would have taken him a couple of trips. DH told him to go ride his Harley on his day off, instead. He's a good guy (kind of a home-body) and has lent us his quad every year to use during racing season (he never uses it) and various other tools and things we borrow on occasion. That nice expensive quad has been parked in our garage for the last 4 years and every year when racing season is over we try to take it back to him and he says "nope, I know where it is if I need it". Friday and yesterday he spent all day out in his yard putting some nice stone circle borders around his apple trees. He said to DH "you know, the only reason I'm doing all this is for you guys, LOL. You keep fixing your place up, so I feel like I should too". Too bad the Sanford and Son junk yard neighbors on the other side will never feel that way.

Then I talked DH into going to watch the races with DS last night. It's a 2 hour drive to the track each way, so a long trip and I hate for DS to do it by himself, anyway. Especially coming home 11pm or so. Plus, an afternoon/evening without DH is a rare treat, LOL. They left about 2:30 so they could get up there in time to stop at DH's favorite burger place near the track and have dinner. I took a nice nap while DD unwound from a busy morning at work and then she took me to back to dinner at the restaurant she works at. YUM! I love breakfast for dinner. I tried to talk her into going to Salvation Army afterwards to just look around but she wanted to get back home and get ready for a friends birthday party she was going to. So, I got a nice evening just me and the dogs. Watched a movie on tv and then went to bed before 10. DD got home a little before that - she wasn't staying too late since she has to work this morning.

Off to my mom's later this afternoon for pizza for dinner and enjoy some family time. My grandma turns 95 tomorrow, so we've got lots to celebrate.


  1. I'm glad you inspired your neighbor to do some yard work! All of our neighbors' yards are looking great this year but I really need to go pull some weeds, lol! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Haha, nice inspiring of the neighbor. I am sure he appreciates the help. You guys got SO much done! Glad the weather held out for you all.