Friday, May 17, 2013

A sick puppy

I'm writing this with about 3 hours of sleep last night. Our 10 month old dog has been vomiting since yesterday afternoon. He threw up later in the afternoon and then again right after he ate his dinner. Since then he's thrown up about every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Poor puppy! We weren't sure whether to take him to an emergency vet (not very close by) during the night or wait it out and get him into Banfield Vet, where he's been seen since we got him and also have a wellness plan we've been paying for each month. We waited it out and then dropped him off at the vets first thing this morning. One of the vets will examine him as soon as they are done with their morning surgeries and let us know, but most likely he will need an xray, which runs about $200. The office manager did say he can utilize some of our wellness plan coverage for the exam and blood work - saving about $180 there.  So, we are just sitting here back at home waiting to hear. I hope it's nothing serious. My guess is he ate something and it's blocking him - he chews up and eats anything he can get to! Sticks, balls, etc. I really didn't need this extra expense right now - especially after paying out $400 so far on my dental work.

With the shortage of sleep and vet trip I just decided to take a PTO day off work. Once we know what's up with the pup hopefully I can get some more sleep. DH stayed up all night with him and is sleeping now. I had my final appointment for the root canal yesterday, so my tooth/mouth is still a bit sore. It was a long 2 hours sitting in the dentist chair. Apparently I can't have "normal" canals and roots like everyone else. Mine are very narrow and long, so it took her quite a bit longer to get it all done. I was pretty wiped out after I got home yesterday and then not getting much sleep last night hasn't helped.

UPDATE: Puppy had some "quite explosive" diarrhea while there at the vets this morning (but no more vomiting) that had quite a bit of grass, twigs and dirt in it! And he's pretty dehydrated. They are going to xray him and get some iv fluids in him and then let us know what they find out from the xray. So far the bill is $433........and now they are telling me they can't use any of the benefits from his wellness plan for the bloodwork - he already used them up for his neutering, so that will be another $180, if they have to do that (if the xray is normal).

While I was at our other dog's vet a few weeks ago for his annual check up I noticed some brochures for "CareCredit" on the counter and the front desk lady just happened to be on the phone with someome and was mentioning it. While I was at the endodontist yesterday I noticed the same brochures. I just checked out their website and it's basically a credit card to use for doctors and vets. High interest rate of course, but helpful if you might end up with a huge vet bill, like I am thinking we will. I went ahead and applied for it online, just so I might have a backup payment plan, if necessary and was approved for $2100. That's a big relief, especially if this vet bill ends up being $1000 or more. I can charge it to this card and pay it off over a few months.


  1. Aww.. poor thing! :( Hope it's nothing serious!!

  2. Best wishes as you wait for (hopefully) good news! Hope you both get some good, long rest tonight and through the weekend.

  3. I opened a CareCredit account just last fall, right before my hubby had his surgery. He needed a root canal & crown & it was going to be sooo expensive. I knew we'd have huge med bills so it was also my "back up". He ended up just getting the tooth pulled, which was a lot cheaper, but he still put it on that card - I guess I hadn't told him not to if he didn't have the root canal, because I never thought that was an option. We actually got 6 months free financing - I think I paid it in 2 or 3, but it was nice to have when we (almost) needed it.