Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random stuff

Well, my root canal has now been rescheduled by the dentist office for Sunday (they are open 7 days a week now). I just want to get it over with! But, Sunday is better as Friday afternoon is DD's tennis sub-district matches and I didn't want to feel crummy while I go watch those.

DS got "step-one" in the interview process at a Big Big Big IT company. He had his first phone interview yesterday and made it past that round and will soon have phone interview #2. If he passes that, he will go in for an in-person interview. He knows a guy who works there and he got him in for the interview process. At least it's hope for a potential job. Great money - $50k a year to start, lots of benefits.  The commute would be bad, but if he stuck it out for a year or two (and didn't want to move up into that area) he would have a great job on his resume and could probably go just about anywhere with the experience.

I've been waiting for this little local garden shop to get in the junipers I ordered but all his suppliers are out. I emailed him at the end of last week for another suggestion for a fast growing low ground cover (in my $100 budget range) and he emailed back this morning with a link to a plant I actually like better and a bit cheaper. Called "Emerald Carpet". Kind of looks like a large clover, but grows out like ivy and is fast growing. They come in little 3.5 in. pots and need to be planted 2 feet apart, so we'll need 40 of them, so right at my $100 budget at $2.50 each.

DH has been gowing a goatee type beard, I guess is what they are called. Honestly, I really don't care of it much, but when he asks, I just say it looks good. The top part is kind of brownish red (though his hair is dark brown) and the rest is mostly gray mixed in with some brown. Just all the different colors make it look kind of weird to me, haha. Oh well, whatever floats his boat.

The weather is warming up super this week - it is supposed to be 80 this weekend - we rarely see those temps, even in summer :-)


  1. Oh, 80 sounds lovely. We're pretty happy with 70 over here! Good luck to DS. Hope he gets the job.

  2. And we just had snow this morning :( I'm glad your son is interviewing for a good place. Keeping fingers crossed that he'll get the position!