Thursday, May 9, 2013

The never ending saga......

This is turning into the root canal from hell. It won't go away! I went back today to finish the root canal. She gets the canals all cleaned out but there is apparently lots of infection, so she had to put something in the canals to get rid of the infection and seal the tooth back up. So, now I go back next Thursday, again, to finish the root canal. And and some point I still have to go back to the regular dentist for the post and crown procedure! I'm back home and working some, but I feel drained and tired and I think I'll just go take a nap.

Plus, figure this one out - my dental insurance covers a max of $2000 per year. My first visit was $349. Insurance paid out $261.20 BUT applied $337.20 towards the $2000 used. How does that work? What a scam.


  1. Ouch, it never ends, does it? That'd definitely put me to sleep. I'm preoccupied enough with actually going to the dentist that having to go back AGAIN would suck!

  2. Can you call and fight them on it. My husband had to go to the ER for something in his eye. He asked how much it would be and they said 150 but we went through our insurance (we have a high deductible plan so they don't pay it but it goes towards our deductible if we ever went over that amount it would start paying for everything) Anyways we got the bill in the mail and it was like 298 since we went through our insurance- even though we were paying the whole thing anyways since our deductible wasn't met! Anyways my husband called up the insurance and the urgent care center and finally was able to talk to the manager who let him just pay the $150 prob took an hour of being on the phone but it saved us over 100 dollars.

    1. I just double checked the insurance claims online again and didn't realize the claim I was looking at was actually for my 2nd visit with the specialist and not the first visit with the dentist. It's all correct. I just couldn't figure out why they showed more applied to my max. payout of $2000 per year than what was on the claim. I didn't see the first claim.

  3. Yuck, I hate to hear stories like this! I am going to the dentist next Friday, hopefully, all is well, but you never know! Good luck!

  4. Ugh, I'm so sorry, you'll have to wait for another week until it's done!! And I would call your insurance! This doesn't sound right!

  5. That sucks... :( They didn't give you a prescription before starting the root canal? You'd think they'd have realized that there was an infection before they started the procedure!