Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A short week

Well, the long weekend is over and it's back to work. Hey, at least it's a short week, now. We really didn't do anything this weekend, mostly watched movies we found On Demand.  DD and I did go visit my grandma yesterday before lunch and then we stopped at the mall to look for a birthday/father's day gift for DH. I found him a waterproof hat (sort of like those Australian hats) he can wear outside. I got him one there years and years ago and he used to wear it all the time (just finally wore it out) when he had to work outside in the rain (back in the construction days). It was $50, so right in my budget for the gift.  The little camera works again, but now the flash won't work right, so DD and DS are going to go in together and get him a little point and shoot digital camera. I think they found one they will probably get on sale for $90 at Best Buy.

Operation Food Waste Reduction went very well this weekend! I stayed on top of the food situation. Got the borderline old strawberries cut up and frozen (which DD plans to use in another one of her recipes she wants to try - for strawberry lemonade). Her pan of M&M bars she made last Thurs or Friday got eaten up and yesterday she made her yummy macaroni salad, of which I will be taking some for my lunch today.

Sunday night DH was wanting (last minute of course) some nacho platter type food. I didn't have all the ingredients to make something like that so I just went and picked up up a pre-made platter at the store. I don't really like to eat nacho's much, so I got a small container of sesame chicken (just enough that DD and I would eat) and 3 chicken strips for DS. DH munched on his nacho platter, DD had a little of it, along with the sesame orange chicken and DS only ate 2 of his chicken strips. I got to him right as he was finishing and told him not to throw out that last piece! The uneaten portion of the nacho platter got covered back up and put in the fridge.

For lunch yesterday I ate the piece of chicken and mentioned to DH that the nacho platter had some left if he wanted a snack during the day. He ended up just having the rest of that for his dinner last night (HE ate leftovers!), while DD and I made up some scrambled eggs, throwing in some of the leftover diced ham from her macaroni salad. DS was at a BBQ. The hamburger I had in the fridge to make a lasagne casserole really needed to be used up or frozen, so I got it right in the freezer and didn't let it sit in the fridge getting brown and then having to throw it out, like I have done so many times before when my meal plan changes. So, I'd say it was a successful weekend keeping the food ($) waste down.


  1. "He ended up just having the rest of that for his dinner last night (HE ate leftovers!)..."

    It's....it's....it's a miracle! ;-)

    *I couldn't resist...*

  2. Wohoo!! Looks like food waste elimination goes great at your house, with huge progress from your DH:)

  3. My DH was the same way about leftovers. I found freezing excess food and then reheating it later made the difference for him, in that it was not the same food 2 nights in a row. Now that it's just the two of us most of the time, I have invested in the semi-permanent containers and freeze individual portions. It makes meals a lot less stressful for both of us.

  4. I really like leftovers, they just seem to taste better, especially things like curries and stews. hopefully DH will come round to your way of thinking