Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's looking like another dead end on the job lead for DS. I think I mentioned earlier this week (or maybe it was end of last week - this interview process has gone on forever) that he got a call from the recruiter lady that the group that interviewed him decided he wasn't quite experienced enough for the "Tier 2" position. She then said she was going to have him interview for a "Tier 1" position and said someone from that dept would be calling him to set up an interview for this week. That interview was yesterday. He thought he would be interviewing for a lower position in the same division of this company.

He gets to the interview yesterday (at a different location than the first interview, but that doesn't mean much - this company is huge and has offices all over the place) and realizes it's for a completely different division of the company! So, of course I'm sure he felt a little thrown off by that and not prepared. He was interviewed by the dept head and someone from the recruiting company (not the lady he has been dealing with this whole time) and he did tell them she never said this interview was for a different division - just that is was for a "Tier 1" position.

So, there in lies my "hmmpff!".  Obviously he has been dropped for consideration by the two "ins" he has with this company. These men are high up positions. One is the whole division GM and the other is a dept. manager. He had met in person at the dept. mgr's home before he went to Australia and was basically told he'd have a job when he got back - or at least that's the impression he got. So, either he was just humoring DS along all this time, with no real intention of hiring him or there is something wrong with DS and his interviews.  Seriously, if one of them really wanted to hire him it would be done.

He thought his interview yesterday went really well and they told him they'd let him know "soon". But, now that he's basically out on his own, again, trying to be picked among the other hundreds of applicants, it's probably not going to happen at this company, is my guess.

So, back to DS and possible short-comings (other than just plain lack of experience at this time). Since he first started looking for IT jobs (his first one was part-time/seasonal for another big company, while in college) he has been offered back for 2nd interviews several times, so that is always a good sign. Most every job does a phone interview first. He does very well at these - and almost every time has gotten an in-person interview from it. I know he does well at phone interviews - I have heard him. He is confident and speaks easily. His teachers loved him, the people at his last job (and he had to interact with many at different locations) loved him. They even sent emails to his boss at the main office telling him they loved him.

Obviously I know nothing of how his in person interview skills fare. But he does show up looking nice in slacks, a dress shirt and dress shoes. His hair is very short and neat (and he wears glasses, so he really looks the computer nerd part!). He has a great smile.  So, first impressions should be ok, there. Personality wise he is quiet, but also mature and respectful. He has never had a problem talking to adults or those older than him. He grew up constantly around other adults and interacting with them (one of the many good things he learned from racing as a kid). Every single person we have ever met for the first time (even now) will comment how totally awesome they think my kids are. I tihnk most are just amazed they can have a real conversation with a teenager - LOL.

If he's not really getting these jobs because of lack of experience, then it must be something of how he is coming across during an interview that is not getting him the job offer. Lack of experience is a factor, but if a manager likes the person, they are more than willing to put in some time training them, if they think they will pick it up quickly. Plus, this job was basically a help desk type job - he'd basically be dealing with people on the phone to fix the issues - he's already proven he can talk on the phone. If I didn't want to remain anonymous I'd show you links where you could listen to him do phone interviews for racing programs and see live in person interviews. He does awesome! He's so professional and doesn't "um" throughout it.

I wish I could help him! For now, I am just pushing him to keep applying for more and more jobs. I think he slacked off on doing that this past 3-4 weeks because he really thought he'd end up getting this job. That wasn't a smart move and he needs to apply for everything out there that he can. I know he's so frustrated right now, but eventually he'll find something and get moving forward. It doesn't help that DH is a total ASS about it all, but that is another story and I'm not even in the mood to go there right now.


  1. I'm sorry it's so tough for him ( and for you). But don't give up! Sometimes they take FOREVER to make a decision!

  2. Sorry to hear about what is going on.... I have to tell you it may not be your son at all... there are so many out their that need jobs that if someone knows one more thing they will get the job... My husband works at a company and my son who is a engineer to, there was a position at my husbands work that was open in another department and my husband knew the manager... My son Tim did not get the job... It had nothing to do with Russ or Tim... Tim was fresh out of college... The person that got it had interned there before... she was fresh out of college...but because of diversity she got the job... It turned out Tim got another job with in the company at another location and has made a name for himself their and people want him so bad... He was just promoted with a 6% pay raise... and the girl who got the job did not work out because she didn't have the work ethics Tim has.... Tim is a go getter... So there is a job out there and it will be better than this one.... Sometimes large companies aren't the best place... A friend of ours is in IT and he got a job at a smaller plant at John Deere...Or sometimes there is another position in the company that will work out better or give him more training for the future....

    It is so hard to watch our kids go through all this... My heart broke when Tim didn't get the job to work at the same plant as Russ.... but it worked out so much better...

    So don't give up like Lena said above... right now companies have the say because of so many out of work and looking for work.... they can take their time which is not fair at times...

  3. That is truly frustrating. What a mess. I don't understand why waste this much time and not even consider him seriously for the lower position. Definitely push him to keep looking. It's nice to go to a job interview when you have an offer in your back hand. Gives you a lot more confidence going in. Hope he finds something really soon, and with less of a hassle!

  4. Oh gosh - has to be frustrating. Make sure DS is sending a follow up thank-you letter to each person he interviewed with - it will serve as a reminder of him, and show he's still interested. I used to work in HR and applicants who sent a short thank you often rekindled the memory and if didn't get that job, would be considered for others in which they might fit. Tell him to hang there! Like Dr. Phil says, "when you don't have a job, your job is to keep at it and find a job - 5 days a week/8 hrs. a day" Tell him not to give up - sometimes you have to knock on many doors before the right one opens!! (and thankfully he's not out on his own......with a family.........and kids!!)

  5. Thank you ALL for your words of encouragement. It is so hard to watch him go through all this, that is for sure.

    Lisa - that is great your son got in the company and got to prove how great he is! That is what I am hoping to happen with my son.

    Jean - thanks for the book suggestions, I will look for those thru the library for him.

    Susie Q - as far as I know he is sending out thank you's. He always has and he knows this is an important thing to do. He's a really good writer, too and I've read a things he's emailed before when thanking for a job or as a cover letter and when he was working before. I also like your Dr Phil quote - DS needs to be reminded that looking for a job is his job right now!