Saturday, May 11, 2013

A good Target run

I went to Target last night with my list and coupons. My previous trip there to pick up a prescription (it's a $4 one, so I don't bother with getting that one at Costco) gave me a catalina coupon for a free box of General Mills cereal (we picked a good old favorite - Wheaties). I also had a 5% off your total pharmacy reward (for filling 5 prescriptions) and a $5 off your $50 purchase coupon. One of the items on my list was Miralax (DH needs due to a side effect of one of his meds), which is $16.99. There is a generic store brand version which is $2-3 cheaper, but with coupons I can usually get the Miralax brand a bit cheaper. I found a Target store coupon online for $2 off and was able to stack it with a $3 off manufacturer's coupon I found on

Using my Target red card I also saved another 5% off my total.  All in all - with the discounts and coupons I saved $21.58! It always pays to check online and look at the store coupons offered to see if there is something you use and especially nice when you can stack that savings with a manufacturer's coupon.

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