Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Drilling and thatching

Teeth and lawn, that is.  I had "part 1" of my root canal procedure done today. There really wasn't much done for that long hour and a half I was at the endodontist. They took xrays, double checked with the cold test to make sure the tooth really is dead and then numbed me up good, drilled me with a few holes and squirted some antibiotic rinse up into the tooth canal and sealed the tooth back up. I got back on Thursday for the rest of the procedure which is a lovely 2 hour appointment.  It is a nice office, though. Very cushy chairs and a nice soft pillow behind your head. Then, at some point I got back to my dentist and they insert the post and crown.

DH has been wanting to thatch the lawn (we've never done it before) and had planned to rent a thatcher this week. Luck went our way and we are getting to use one free! One of DS's friends stopped by Sunday while the guys were out working in the yard and I guess they mentioned that thatching was next. This friend apparently used to work at an equipment rental place and they still give him free rentals, so he picked it up today and brought it over.  What a nice thing to do!

And my boss has just been amazing lately. The time I had to take off when my grandma was in the hospital she wouldn't let me use my PTO and then just emailed me to not use my PTO for this morning that I had to take off. Another lady had to take off yesterday because her daughter broke her ankle and they aren't charging her PTO (our sick and vacation time is all lumped together). I am blessed to work for such a great boss and company....just wish the dental insurance covered a bit more than $2000 max per year....I'm using that up just on this tooth!

I've stuck to the dinner plan the last 2 days...just switched up what meal was what day a bit. Sunday was beef tips and noodles, yesterday was eggs and bacon and tonight is chicken fried steak. Tomorrow will be the lasagne and then I will have made it with only one "blip" in the war on take-out.

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  1. My coworker just left half hour ago to finalize her crown, and she's anything but excited. Hope yours goes smoothly. Lasagna sounds delicious for this kind of murky weather we've been having!