Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dang tooth!

Well, I got myself all psyched up for my root canal appointment today. A different dentist was to do the root canal then did the initial treatment when my tooth broke. He did a test of whether my tooth felt cold applied to it. It did not (not a good sign apparently). He left the room and I chatted with the assistant (which was nice, helping me to keep relaxed) and then he came back in and said he wanted to refer me to a specialist and have an endodontist perform the root canal. He said there was very little tooth left - it's mostly all filling now and felt a specialist would be better to do the procedure for the long term health of the tooth.  So, I got a referral and headed back home. GAHHH!  I just wanted it to be over with!


  1. Oh no! :( I'm sorry! I hope you can get this appointment with a specialist pretty quick, and it's not gonna cost you more!

  2. Would it be better to just yank the tooth?

    1. I suppose they could just pull it, but I need a tooth, so guess this is the best option to replace it with a crown. And it sounds like, from the "cold test" I need a root canal anyway. Once I have this next consultation, with the endodontist, that will be 3 opinions telling me I need a root canal, so they are probably right.

  3. Good luck to you to Jean! I just keep telling myself this will all be over with soon...