Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well, I tried

DD has a little digital camera (not to be confused with her fancy Nikon DLS with all her lenses, etc) that we all kind of use when we need a picture of something or when she doesn't want to get out the big one. It has not been holding a battery charge for very long anymore. It's pretty old - Grandma got it for her some years ago as a gift. Then it stopped holding a charge altogether (right when I was trying to take pictures at her last tennis match. I got one whole picture), so I just assumed it needed a new battery, right?

Apparently not. I bought a generic battery online cheap through Amazon and it came yesterday. Got it all charged up and camera still won't work. It turns on and then right back off. So, obviously it isn't the battery. I'm just very glad I only paid a couple of bucks for it! (shipping was more than the battery) Now, we'll eventually need to add into the budget for a new digital camera. Poo! We have a REALLY old Kodak digital camera that still works ok, so we will get by with that for now I guess. It doesn't take the greatest pictures. I think I got it around 2001! The kids use their phones a lot to take quick pictures. It's mostly DH that now uses this little camera - when he wants to post a picture on Facebook or take a picture of something he wants to sell.  Maybe we will get him one for his birthday/Father's Day coming up.

On other news - for some reason I thought DS told me he got a 2nd in person interview for this week, but he didn't. They just said they would call him back within the week to set one up. The lady called Monday and told him that they didn't think he had enough experience for the "Tier 2" position, so they wanted him to interview with someone else, for a "Tier 1" position. So, now he is waiting for a call from that person, to set up an interview time. I think that news has kind of let the sails out of DS again - poor guy. He's getting pretty discouraged to say the least. You'd think based on his resume (it's not like he's lied about his knowledge/experience) and the long 2nd phone interview, they could have gathered at that point which position he is more qualified for. He said he'd be fine with accepting a "Tier 1" position, just to get his foot in the door, but I think now he's not feeling very optimistic about even getting that.

He's doing a bit of website work on the side and trying to buy/sell some computer equipment to make some money. He had an old iphone 3 that I asked if he was going to sell it (DD had been using it, but she bought his used iphone 4 he bought to use in Australia) and he said no, he didn't think it was worth much. I said well even if you get $50 from it, it's a tank of gas! He sold it Monday on Craigslist for $185! He used that money to buy a macbook he found in very good condition for the same price and is now trying to sell it for $550 - which seems to be the going price for them.  He's also going to do some yard work for his GF's parents in exchange for what he normally pays them monthly for his share of his phone he has on their plan, so he'll probably be able to exchange 2-3 months worth of payments with them.

I'm still doing pretty well trying to stay away from fast food dinners. Other than last Saturday night, when DH had a craving for nachos so I ended up getting him a premade tray of a nachos bean dip at the grocery store. DD ate it with him and DS and I just ate what we could find in the kitchen that sounded good. Last night was just cheap tomato soup and mac and cheese! We haven't had that in quite awhile and it's always good on a cold rainy day. Tonight will either be tuna casserole or eggs and bacon. I haven't decided which sounds better yet.  Tomorrow night we have to go to DD's tennis banquet at a pizza place. We love their salad bar and quite often lately have been getting a couple of "salads to go" from their salad bar and taking them home to share and making our home made pizza. DD said she doesn't want to order pizza that night. Just order salad bar and then have our own pizza when we get back home. Our new homemade pizza is sure spoiling everyone from wanting other pizza now. Even now that picky eater DS is back home and got to try it,  he loves it and asks for me to make it.


  1. Sent you an email about the camera part. And I can understand DS... I'd be discouraged AND tired of all these interviews. I understand it's a big employer, but sheesh! Good luck to him.

    1. TAnner - I sent you an email back - it looks like DS fixed the problem!