Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Monday was here and neighborly stuff

Yesterday's annoyance was brought to you by Monday. I get an email forwarded from my boss with a ? mark. The property management company we pay rent to (due first of each month) on one of our offices emailed her they did not get the November rent payment. This payment is set up on auto pay via our online banking. So, I log in to make sure it got sent. It shows it did, almost a week before due date (as usual). Since it's a "bill pay", as soon as it's issued by the bank they take it out of your checking balance, whether or not the recipient has actually received and cashed the check yet. So, I can't really tell if they deposited it or not.  I send my boss a screenshot that a check was sent to them by the bank on  10/26. It must have gotten lost in the mail if they haven't received it. Does she want me to cut a new check that she can mail them directly from the office? Yes, ok. So, I set up a check for her to print.

Then I contact our bank rep to ask her how I go about stopping payment on a bill pay check that was never received by the recipient.  While I'm waiting to hear back from her I'm cc'd by my boss on another email reply she made to the property management company, referencing another bill we owe them for some work done on the office. I'm reading the email and looks like now they are saying they did receive the November rent. I email my boss back "I'm confused - did they get the November rent or not?" Oh, yes they apparently did, the lady was mistaken. She didn't verify before she emailed whether they got the check or not.  Ok.....do you just want to send the check you just printed as our December payment then or what? she already shredded it. Ok. in the meantime the bank lady emails me back that they are confused - they show the bill pay check was cashed, so I email her back saying "sorry, false alarm. sorry for the waste of her time!".  so I had to "un void" the first check (which I couldn't really do, I had to re-create it. Void the second check. All this was about 45 minute waste of my day, for nothing.  It just seemed to be the way the day kept going LOL.

I think I posted awhile back about the time when we had some girl park her broke down car in the alley behind our house at midnight one night. She parked off the shoulder of the alley behind the old lady's (I wouldn't normally refer to someone as "old lady" but she is a crabby old lady, she has earned the title, LOL) house and apparently freaked her out. She called her son, who came out, he called sheriff, but they were busy and going to be awhile. DH had heard the car/commotion out there, too, and was outside seeing what was going on when he son came down the alley. It was his first time talking with him and he said it scared his mom pretty bad. The cops finally came, figured out it was some girl's car and she called in to dispatch and said her car broke down and she'd pick it up the next morning. It really wasn't that big of deal. Why she picked there to park and just not pull over on the side of the adjoining street, who knows.

About a week or so later we saw the old lady leave with some of her belongings packed in her car and another truck. She hasn't been back since. I'm not quite sure how long ago this was now, close to 6 weeks ago or more, maybe. We see her son stop at the house once in awhile to check on things. Yesterday the garbage company showed up and picked up her can. That tells us she cancelled her garbage service and isn't coming back any time soon. Oh darn. LOL. We can have a party in the alley now, I guess. Even if she called the sheriff again on us for mowing the weeds in the alley, it won't be the one that came, because he's quit now, too! Good riddance to him, I say. The two times I had the "pleasure" of talking with him, I couldn't stand him and I am the type of person that always gives people the benefit of the doubt and tries to look at the positives of them, not the negatives. He just gave me bad vibes all around.


  1. A party in the alley? How exciting, exotic. I will be there. What shall I bring?

    I wonder where the old lady went? Did the car frighten her away?

    1. it will be a bit cold out there - better bring hot cider LOL. Based on what her son told DH that night about her being scared, we think she must have gone to live with a relative. I think she has a daughter or two. Apparently she was also scared when DH was out mowing the alley in front of our shop...on a Sunday afternoon and broad daylight and it was obvious we were just moving in....the other day I noticed a guy walked down our alley. Looked to be using it as a short cut to the other street. She probably would have freaked out if she had been here.