Monday, November 27, 2017

it's all about shopping for now

My SIL wants to get my in-laws a new recliner for Christmas and have us and one of DH's brothers chip in/split it 3 ways. She wants to get one of those power lift kind and also one that has an electric headrest. But, it appears her initial budget of around $500 isn't finding anything (I didn't think it would, when a regular recliner costs that much). I guess she had seen one she liked and in the price range at a local to her furniture store, but when she went there over the weekend it was sold and apparently a "closeout", so they can't order her another one. I tried to look online to help her find one, but wasn't finding much that has both features and is cloth, not leather. So, it looks like our budget is going to have to increase.  I emailed her this morning, trying to think of a tactful way to say let's not exchange gifts with each other this year and we can put it towards the parents gift. She thought that was a great idea. We'd probably spend $50 on each (couple) other, so that is $100 more we can put towards the chair.

Our neighbor friend across the street gave us some "elk hamburger" to try. I'm kinda scared to try it LOL. Will it taste too "gamey"? They do have it mixed with some regular ground beef, to give it some fat.  DH was over in his garage while he was working on some of the cutting up and our dogs were with him. He had his deer and elk heads laying on the floor. One dog sniffed it, wasn't really interested one way or the other. Our younger dog didn't want anything to do with it. LOL. He even left the garage.

I had several gifts to order online, so I decided to wait until today "Cyber Monday" to see if they were any cheaper. Nope, not a one.  DD had several things to order (also from Amazon) and she put them in her cart, but had not ordered yet.  She texted me that she got an alert email from Amazon that one of the gifts for DH (it's a solar powered phone charger, for emergencies) went on a "flash sale" for half off - saving her $15! She was so excited. Then she had some slippers in her cart for herself and they went on sale and she saved $4. I was at least happy that I had $34 in my Amazon payments account (from M-Turk) to put towards my order.  She went shopping by herself yesterday for Christmas decor stuff. She kept texting me and said her trunk looks like Christmas exploded in it! Then when she got home she video chatted me so she could show me all her cute stuff and good deals. She had received a $50 Bed Bath and Beyond card for her birthday, so got lots of cute stuff that was on sale. She found some cute, really cheap stuff at Ross (always good for decor) and then a few things at Target.

I also placed a big Target order online, as everything was 15% off today. I ordered some normal purchases. The dog's brushing chews were buy one get one 50% off, plus 15% off, so that was a good deal, as those things are pricey. I also got myself a "gift". Last year DD had gotten me a set of dinnerware that I totally love. It's 4 place settings and I'd really like to have 8. I was hoping it would go on sale, but it's not. I did have two "promo" codes though. One for a $10 gift card with a $15 home purchase and one for a $10 gift card with a $50 purchase. The dishes are $60, less the 15% off all online orders today, less 5% for using Target red card, then I will get the $20 in gift cards, so it's like getting the dishes for more than half off. Maybe I'll get 2% back in Swagbucks, the list of ineligible items doesn't say home purchases.


  1. My pups will eat elk poop and can always manage to find elk bones in the woods and bring them home. Elk isn't gamey (at least not to me) I find it doesn't have much taste at all.

  2. Cook the elk. One time, many years ago, when my now 30 something daughter was a preschool a friend hunted elk with a bow, and got two one year. We had elk steaks, elk burgers, elk stew and elk roasts and while it's been awhile as I recall we loved it.

  3. I have looked into this. The contraption to lift the chair is the main cost. I think it is Medicare that will reimburse you for that cost, but not the chair. Check into that. Make sure you get one with battery to lift the chair in case the electricity goes out. Get the one that lies flat in case in the future someone needs to sleep in it.

    After knee surgery I will have to sleep in the recliner. Same with back surgery. So, it needs to lie completely flat. The chair may be $500 and the mechanism underneath $300.

    1. And, I think a doctor must recommend it to get reimbursed. Not sure.

    2. Thanks for the Info. I will have SIL check into it

    3. I have never eaten elk but occasionally when I have been given ground deer meat I have put a little ground pork fat in it. It keeps it moist but does nothing for the thoughts I keep having that I am eating Bambi's mother.

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